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October 28, 2007



It's too bad that Sam Malone hasn't played with the Sox for a good 25 years. He would have loved the media attention the team is getting right now...and probably would have been flirting with that blonde Fox Reporter on camera.Anyway, I'm more of a College Football guy myself, but I had to leave a note after you mentioned "Into The Woods." Even if you weren't a world-famous comedy writer, I'd respect you just for referencing musical theatre (and not even "Damn Yankees") in a baseball conversation.Keep on bringing us your wise and witty words here, and please share some more unsung treasures from your trunk (like the Bakersfield piece).Greg


I miss baseball already, too. Congrats to all Red Sox fans! This has now been, what 4 years (?) where the League Championships have been riveting craziness and the WS has been blah. Oh well.

John C

I'm with you about McCarver, though he does have one expression I like. When a pitcher hangs a curve ball and a hitter launches it, he often says: "Catcher's don't catch those pitches." Anyway, what are your thoughts on Joe Buck? I can't stand his broadcasting style. He's occasionally funny, which is good in baseball, since there are plenty of slow moments. And I know there are some times when an announcer can just shut up and let the crowd noise wash over the picture. But I CAN'T STAND IT when he deadpans huge moments. It's as if he's bored and can't be bothered to be excited. What do you think? I love John Miller as well, and was lucky enough to move to Detroit in 2000, early enough to have heard the last few years of Ernie Harwell.

Tom Berg

My favorite World Series was in 1991, the Twins against the Braves.Talk about excitement! It went 7 games and the home team won everytime. Good thing the Twins had home field advantage.

emily litella

Best sleep I've had in years...

Mr. Hollywood

John C ... I'm with you on Joe Buck. Sorry, he's a snoozer for me. Wouldn't it be wonderful if, just one more time, we could hear the magificence of Vin Scully calling the World Series? Otherwise, it's Jon Miller and Joe Morgan for me...


is there some way to get the series off of fox network? maybe those jerks can learn to pronounce hispanic names - i couldn't stand it - too much blabbing about "history" when there was action not being shown - turner's did it so much better - we deserve more -


My favorite McCarver quip about Manny flipping his helmet off when he's digging for home."It doesn't make you faster, if it did, marathoners would be wearing helmets".


Kielty's an outfielder, and until this year played full time (i.e. not a sub) for the A's.


Still remember last years game seven of the ALCS. Every kids dream right? Game seven, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, full count, team down by two....and the pitch...strike three LOOKING!!!! OW!


I don't think you can underestimate the impact of eight days rest had on the Rockies.I for one believe the post season is dragged out too long and giving an unfair advantage to some because of the TV scheduling gods.b

Paul Atkinson

Congrats to the Red Sox! Any rival of the Yankees is fine with me.Maybe next year my Braves won't suck. :-(


Maybe ESPN can take up the mantra of 1010 WINS-AM radio in New York ... "All Yankees, All The Time ... 22 minutes and we'll give you A-Rod's world"

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