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November 27, 2007



Why wasn't anyone picketing at Fox around 2pm today? Nothing on Nikki Finke or UnitedHollywood said "no striking at Fox". I got a red shirt and everything.


I noted the same thing about Amy Adams and this movie on your Comments pages after seeing a preview way back on Nov. 19, and I'm a 50-year-old guy with no kids. I hope she wins an Oscar. On the other end of the character range, I'm also sad that Cutthroat Bitch was fired by House. But maybe she'll win an Emmy.


It's more of a fairy tale that Angelina Jolie can be nominated for her work in that Disney-like film, "Mighty Heart.." and the machine is starting rumours she is to be up for Oscar as well, so why not Amy? It's more fair anyway.

Steve from VT

I'm a 51-year-old straight single (but engaged) guy and I loved this film. Amy Adams was terrific! Who'd have thought she could sing and dance? The ending is a bit silly and seems out of character with the rest of the film, but that's a small quibble. Everyone will enjoy this film!

Ed Magurium (aka buck short)

Sorry to be an episode behind, but a friend asked me to pass this along: Ken Levine said… The toughest part at 20th is not the physical aspect of trudging miles in an endless circle….the nearest bathroom is ... a half mile away.FORWARDED:I have an idea, Ken. Call me. --- Lisa Marie Nowak. Yeh, I know, the reference already wore itself out on the picket line by the end of the 1st day. Hell, I’m only the messenger.

Michael Zand

Straight male, mid fifties with an 11 year old daughter. Also loved Enchanted. I read the movie was stuck in development for fourteen years. Getting this director and an actress like Amy Adams was worth the wait. I don't see anyone else who could have pulled this off. Maybe Isla Fisher if she could sing and dance. The director was also brilliant. I've thought about this film a lot since I've seen it. It's a very difficult feat to pull off. There were a million ways this movie could've gone off the rails. If the script, acting and directing hadn't been pitch perfect it would've been a real groaner. And speaking of Disney princesses, here is a screenshot compilation of all the women of "Californication." That should bring everyone up to speed. http://dontlinkthis.net/movies/hires/californication/I had to split the link because it disappears off the page. You'll have to have to paste it together before you drop it in the address bar.

Silence Dogood

Would "Pretty Woman" be in the Fish out of Water Genre? (Gere?) Or is there a seperate Pygmalion category


Agree with everything you said, Ken (except I have a generally higher opinion of Menken and Schwartz's previous work). Looking over the field, I think Adams has a real shot at a nomination (having previously been nominated for a little-seen indie suggests she has made fans in the Academy). I'm a bit surprised that some folks were put off by the previews. I thought they did a decent job of putting over the premise. I was interested in seeing it from the beginning, though I admit a lot of that was due to Adams.Screenwriter Bill Kelly also co-wrote (with WKRP creator Hugh Wilson) another good (but underrated) fish-out-of-water story, "Blast from the Past." Like "Enchanted," it features an innocent thrust into the big, bad city. Kelly also wrote this year's rather unfortunate Sandra Bullock vehicle, the time-bending "Premonition." Nice rebound.


Funny story...my girlfriend works for Bissell, and their vacuum is in the movie. So Bissell had a special sneak preview for employees a week before the movie opens, and when their product appears on screen the theatre erupts in cheers, etc. Based only on that "scientific" reaction, Adams may have competition for the nomination.

John Pearley Huffman

Both my six year-old daughter and five year-old son loved Enchanted. And I was startled at how much I enjoyed it too. Amy Adams may or may not get an Oscar nomination, but she's sure to have an amazing career after this.While there are parodic elements to Enchanted, it's not a parody in the vein of, say, Airplane or Police Squad or there bazillions of imitators. Every cliche that's skewered in Enchanted still somehow manages to push the story forward -- theses aren't just jokes for jokes' sake, but elements that bring out the characters and move the plot. It's one thing to string together a bunch of skits, something else to create a character like Adams' Giselle and make the audience care about her while the jokes keep coming.And the songs are great. And cockroaches are great. And the pigeons are great. And the pigeon that just can't help being pigeon when there's a tasty co-worker nearby is even better.Looking back over the year there have already been some really solid movies. Michael Clayton was great and Before The Devil Knows You're Dead was absolutely astonishing. But the two movies I've enjoyed most have been films I wouldn't have seen if I weren't being dragged there by my kids -- Enchanted and Ratatouille.


I saw this with my 9- and 11-year-old daughters, wife, and sister-in-law at Thanksgiving -- in a hometown theater I hadn't been in since I was a teenager (1970s) -- and I agree that it was very well put together. The songs (especially the one that pops up throughout, "True Love's Kiss") were expert. The vermin-cleaning-the-apartment scene was reminiscent of the cockroach production numbers in the mid-'90s movie JOE'S APARTMENT with Jerry O'Connell; I wonder if that was one of the inspirations for ENCHANTED -- not literally, but as an example of how to be properly irreverent when mixing humans and animated critters in a scene (in contrast to, for example, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT, which, despite the jokes, was nothing if not reverent).


I there isn't an Oscar for Best Supporting Chipmunk, there otter be.

the Bender

Me: another 50 yr old, but with two sons. I had seen the previews and thought this was either gonna be tremendous or total crap. Great was my relief and surprise at how enjoyable it was. Mrs. Me, the Boys of Me and Dad of Me in town for Thanksgiving all had a grand old time. I still find myself humming "I've been dreaming of a love like this..." from the ever-so-Broadway score.And yeah, guys do all want to bang the Little Mermaid. And Belle, too (she's spunky).

Mark Martino

When I saw Amy Adams in "Catch Me If You Can" I was amazed at how committed she was to the part. You had to pay attention to her even when she was with Di Caprio, which is saying something. She has shown this commitment in every movie she's been in. Unfortunately, it made her stick out in "Talledega Nights" because no one else bought in like she did. What a waste. I saw "Enchanted" because she's in it but also because I love Disney movies and animation. It was a great win-win for men like me. When we talk to women, we can talk about the variety of styles and the quality of the animation. When we talk our buddies, we can talk about Amy.


benson, re the Bissell vacuum's Oscar chances, I'd say they're pretty good. The Academy has often nominated performers who suck. (Somebody had to say it.)anonymous: "If there isn't an Oscar for Best Supporting Chipmunk, there otter be."Particularly this year, when there are actually enough chipmunk performances to make it a real horse race. I have to say that the new "Alvin" trailer (which preceded "Enchantment") is a vast improvement over the infamous "raisin poop" trailer. I'm almost embarrassed to say it got a couple of chuckles out of me. Maybe it won't be quite the disaster I was anticipating (still doubt I'll see it in the theater though).

A. Buck Short

Universal tried to start an Amy Adams fan club promoting Charlie Wilson’s War in the guy’s home state -- down here in the ague belt. But Charlie is already in a club with those initials and Sorkin agreed an extra Aa would be superfluous. Sure looks like a powerhouse cast though. PS. Word is out that, because of the strike, Touchstone will shoot Annapolis 2 without a script, or any arc whatsoever -- just like this week’s peace talks.


The "hag makeup" credit for Rick Baker just goes along with his myriad of gorilla suit credits over the years:http://tinyurl.com/2bf4ar(Hey, didn't M*A*S*H have an epsiode where Hawkeye and Trapper dressed up in gorilla suits? Maybe Rick was a consultant on that one.)As for the movie, I'm just happy someone at Disney remembered the company used to make a movie or two in 2-D animation, even if they actually had to hire an outside company to do the animation work for this film, since the departed Michael Eisner and his crew had decided CGI was the wave of the future and killed off the regular animation department (the idea until recently apparently being you can put any crappy script on the screen as long as it was in computer animation and people would flock to the theaters).


Having met some of the people involved with this movie, I know that it took them a lo-o-o-ng time to get it going, with a lot of roadblocks along the way. So congratulations to the writer and producers for their persistence, which obviously paid off.


24/m and I agree wholeheartedly.Amy Adams was the realization of my pre-pubescent crush on Ariel.Seeing her so animated, innocent, optimistic (and all done naturally without irony) was just very appealing.


I just saw this movie Saturday. Your post on it was part of the reason. I hate Disney, I hate animated. I did see a few promos, watching ET to see Donny Osmond (stop laughing NOW)The movie was as you said. My 42 year old brother and I had a ball. It seemed every time anything was funny I clapped my hands (I adore parody) and so did he.Plus, being male and 42, he is in love with Amy too.It's not just 13 year old girls that want the DVD to this. (not to mention the soundtrack!)

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