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November 29, 2007



I'll take Ginger over Mary Ann, just because so many people vote for Mary Ann.Jaclyn Smith over the other two Angels (I liked them both, but you know that they were both really high maintenance).Dick York acted like he loved Samantha. Sargent just seemed annoyed by her.Diane was funnier and better for the show. Rebecca probably would have been more fun to hang out with.Marcia Brady all the way. Laurie was not nearly as attractive, and was kind of a sourpuss know-it-all.Lindsay Wagner.Tom Brady (Peyton Manning does too many commercials and has a speech impediment).Gaby on Desperate Housewives is the funniest. Susan would probably be the least grating to live with, though.


Even though Ginger was more attractive, I'd rather be with Mary Ann. She was always more anxious to please and had that girl-next-door vibe I prefer.DEFINITELY Laurie Partridge. I was 10 when that show was big. Marcia was pretty, but Laurie was sexy. To this day I still have a crush on Susan Dey.ARIEL. Long red hair. Clamshell bikini. Wow.Bea Arthur??? Yikes. It's not hard to close your eyes and envision her as a man.


Ken Levine or David Isaacs?


Two words: Tom Brady.


Did someone say hottest news woman? She's French. For all I know she's less articulate than George Bush strung out on heroin, but I don't care.

Rashad Khan

Let's see..."Ginger or Marianne?"Actually, the Professor was pretty smokin'."Kate Jackson or Farah Fawcett or Jackie Smith?"Depends. If we've been drinking, then, Jackson. If not? Then, obviously, Farrah."Dick York or Dick Sargent?"You mean...there was two of them?"Diane or Rebecca?"NORM!!!"Marcia Brady or Laurie Partridge?"Marcia, with AND without her broken nose."Betty (ARCHIE) or Betty (FLINTSTONES)?"Betty (FLINTSTONES)."Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?"Stewart. (How do you spell "hottie"? J-E-W.)"Patty or Cathy?"Well, Cathy adores the Minuet, the Ballet Russe and crepes suzette. But, OTOH, Patty likes to rock 'n' roll, and hot dogs? Girl goes apeshit for 'em!"Christian or Sean?"Whichever loses control over weiners."Cutthroat Bitch or 13?"Come on, as long as Hugh Laurie's still on the show, no others need apply."Erin Andrews or Bonnie Bernstein?"Suzy Kolber. I want to kiss her, I couldn't care less about the other two."Daniel Craig or Sean Connery?"Who cares? They're both wrong for Bond."Lindsay Wagner or Michelle Ryan?"Ryan might be younger, but Wagner comes with her own Sleep-Number bed."Melissa Stark or Kiran Chetry?"Frankly, I'm much too blinded by the hunk of sunshine that is Sean Hannity to notice."Suzanne Pleshette or Mary Frann?"Frann. No offense, Ms. Pleshette, but Frann knew how to fill out a sweater, know what I mean?"Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?"Brady - and if you don't believe me, just ask the six women who all claim he's their baby's daddy."Susan or Lynette or Bree or Gabrielle or Edie?"What, no Mary Alice?"Kirsten or Summer or Julie or Marissa?"Marissa, but only if she shuts up and quit whin -- oops, too late."Napoleon Solo or Illya Kuryakin?"Which one did Robert Conrad play again?"Bea Arthur or Betty White?"Betty. Low intelligence? Great knockers? What's not to like?"Ariel or Princess Jasmine?"I think the priest who got, um, "excited" over Ariel at her wedding settled that question."Dylan or Kelly?"Normally, it'd be Dylan; but Brenda hates Dylan this week, so it's Kelly."And finally...Marcus Carl Franklin or Ben Whishaw or Heath Ledger or Christian Bale or Richard Gere or Cate Blanchett"You mean...there was six of them?


Ginger or Mary Ann?I'd have to go with Mrs. Howell!Ashton Kutcher


Kate Smith or Janet Reno?


Suzanne Pleshette...but you know, she really ought to wear more sweaters!

Steve from VT

You forgot:Honey West or Emma Peel or April Dancer or Agent 99Audry Horne or Laura PalmerJudy Jetson or Judy Robinson


I'd take Elly May Clampet over any of them.Alaskaray


Peyton Manning(Huba Huba)


Pam or Lucy: The Office(s) (Pam!)Tiny Fey or Sarah Paulson: Studio Rock 30 Strip (Tina!)Lionel 1 or Lionel 2: The Jeffersons (Lionel 1!)Finally, Kari or Buster: Mythbusters (Kari!!)


I think it's Maynard G. Krebs.


Hans Solo or Luke Skywalker?


Man, is Illya Kuryakin the best TV name ever or what? Decades later I still love saying it.

A. Buck Short

Having had steamy personal affairs with 11 of them, I'm afraid I'll have to recuse myself from voting.Oh wait, those didn't reallyhappen. Oh cripe!


Bea Arthur AND Betty White at the same time.


"Ariel or Princess Jasmine?"Ariel, because she's half-fish. I imagine her as always smelling like really good, fresh sushi.- Jeff Vogel

Bev Reese

Love your blog. Just discovered it today.Hands down Stewart over Colbert, and Holy hot-tastic, definately Craig over Connery!


Since I'm a woman and don't like to compare who the hotter woman is, I'll put who I like better.Mary AnnFarrahDick YorkDiane by far! I could never stand Rebecca.Marcia BradyBetty (Flintstones)STEPHEN COLBERT!Patty13Daniel CraigLindsay WagnerSuzanne PleshettePayton ManningSusanBetty WhiteAriel

fly on wall

Bailey.Mary Ann.Farrah.Cheryl.York.Diane.Marcia.Betty (archies)Stewart/Colbert (tie)Patty.Cutthroat Bitch.Bonnie.Sean ConneryLindsay Wagner (but Katie S. hotter than both)Melissa Stark.Mary Frann by a sweater.Tom BradyLynette (of course, she's the only one I can stand...)Illya KuryakinBetty WhiteArielKellyCate Blanchett


That all of life's choices were so simple. Cleary, Mary Ann, Kate and Betty.Also: Tanya Memme barely over Kari Bryant as basic cable babe; Mrs. Dog the Bounty Hunter over Haystack Calhoun as enforcer of justice; Sasha Alexander over Cote de Pablo as Naval female sidekick; Barkley over Lohman and Gamble over Procter.


What Rashad Khan said..."Erin Andrews or Bonnie Bernstein?"Suzy Kolber. I want to kiss her, I couldn't care less about the other two.


Another one for us old farts...Beatles vs. StonesI'll take the Fab 4...And George (the quiet Beatle)Here's another one for you on the left coast:Magic vs. BirdI'll take Michael just the same, thank you.

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