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November 26, 2007



PPS (from last post) -when there's no more TV, i think my brother and i will just sit and read your blog to each other. (should i do that before or after I watch the 7 seasons of Fame someone from Canada taped for me?)


We hold up signs beckoning motorists to honk to show how tough we are. December is the start of rainy season. I plan to show my determination with a sign. DRIVE PAST US FAST AND SPLASH US GOOD!


What about that "open letter" to the public in the LA Times the other day, explaining their side of the story, no comment on that? It said that the writers "contrary to rumors, DO get paid from online stuff" etc, ...


Ken, don't let the lack of a nearby bathroom put a crimp in your picketing. You need something called "the motorman's friend." It got Burt Reynolds through that marathon "est" type seminar in "Semi-Tough."


What is a tougher peace negotiation - between the WGA and AMPTP or between Israel and the Palestinians?

Chris L

I thought reality shows do have writers, of a sort. At least, the participants are put into contrived situations that somebody had to create.


Sad news to report...LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Mel Tolkin, the head writer for Sid Caesar's "Your Show of Shows," which defined the art of sketch comedy during television's Golden Age, has died. He was 94.


Sad news about Mel Tolkin indeed. And, coincidentally enough, his son Michael wrote "The Player," which is quoted above.


So now Carson Daly joins Ellen Degenerate in crossing the line? Who's next in the crosshairs?(BYW, if Daly was really a writer he'd know he had misspelled his last name.)


The "comedy" portions of Carson Daly's show are so abysmally written, that I can't imagine there'll be a drop-off in quality. Or maybe it's just his lame delivery.


Carson's looking for material. Just call Marianne,


crutnacker: "If your nose went on strike, would you picket?"Leave that on Carson Daly's hotline immediately.

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