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November 21, 2007



When my wife bought me the box set of the first season for my birthday this summer, we immediately put this episode on. It never gets old.

Captain Obvious

WKRP is definitely an eternal favorite of mine and it shall never die in my heart... <3

Captain Obvious

...and I'm definitely looking forward to hearing the extended theme! Please make it an MP3 so I can save it in perpetuity! I find myself idly singing the theme sometimes, including just recently!

Paul Duca

Personally, Ken, the real media event of this Thanksgiving is the ReelRadio Repository debut of TWO additional episodes of Bobby Rich's THE TURKEY HOUR (and the annual availability of the three others in its collection).And my heart goes to Jan Smithers...I have never really forgiven James Brolin for leaving her in Nova Scotia, to go off with Streisand.A note for vp81955--could you please email me at tomservo56954@comcast.net? I have a question you can definitely answer for her, thanks to the lady in your avatar.

Tom Quigley

Have the first season of WKRP on DVD and couldn't let Turkey Day pass without watching "Turkeys Aweigh"... In fact, watched it twice, after my brother-in-law stopped by with my 14-year-old nephew and I played it over again for them -- and my nephew, who's never seen it, thought it was hilarious!....When I lived in LA, and was able to secure a meeting with Matt Dinsmore, one of the producers of THE NEW WKRP IN CINCINNATI, the syndicated first-run successor to the CBS show that was produced about 10 years later, the only topic of conversation for the first five minutes or so was that episode... And it was nice to find out that Bill Dial, who had written it, was the new show's executive producer...

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