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November 25, 2007



Congratulations! I am a software engineer from India and LOVE your blog!I've been hooked on to it for almost a year now.... Thanks!!

l.a. guy

"Very funny but no one knows who the fuck you are. So I started a blog. So far that plan has been a giant bust. I can’t even get a book agent at the agency that represents me."Yeah, but on the plus side now Aaron Sorkin knows who you are and thinks you hate him... so you got that going for you.Congratulations on the two year anniversary. In spite of your prodigious talent I know that coming up with something to post everyday is much harder than it sounds. I'd say your batting at least .800, if you were a baseball player you'd be a gazillionare.Let's all meet back here in a year.


Would you mind starting one of those "I got up, and brushed my teeth" blogs now and leave my voicemail alone?love,AnnieP.S. Miss you guys already.


Congratulations, Ken. Your blog is always one of the bright spots of my day. Now that you've been writing it for two years, I fully plan to develop a jaded, world-weary attitude: it's not as good as his early blog days, it's gotten too commercial, why did he have his blog give birth in the back of a taxi?, and so on..

Sharone Rosen

Mazel Tov Boychik! You don't look a day over whatever you were two years ago!Love the blog! Always entertaining!


I usually make it a point not to comment on the blogs of people I don't know. Not sure why that is, but feel special that I'm breaking the rule. ;) I'm one of the zillions of aspiring young writers in this town and got excited the day I found your blog by accident. Thanks for writing! Tell your daughter sorry I'm egging you on. :)Malinda


I've said it before now I'll say it again: Happy anniversary, Veen!And, we need to know, was it wheat or sourdough toast this morning?


Congrats on keeping going. It always surprises me how much good and funny stuff you can not only come up with each day but also give away for free. I can't think of a single day when I've thought "the old boy's losing it."And if you are taking requests, then how about the low down on how you write for animals. John Mahoney always sounds a bit peeved when asked about the dog. Are you the guys who used to upstage him or does the script just say "dog does something funny" and you let someone else sort that out.


I for am not surprised you can do it everyday. You're a radio guy. Coming up with something interesting everyday is what radio guys do. (Well at least at the well programmed stations) And you do it extremely well. Thanks for the entertainment.


Congrats on renewing for a third season Ken.(BTW -- Are those long-awaited new behind-the-scenes stories about Mary Tyler Moore's variety show going to be your blog's equivalent of waiting to see if Niles and Daphne will ever get together?)


Congrats and thanks; this is a fun place to check into every day. And I'm sure I'll be able to fit you into at least one of my Emmy speeches (unless I win for an Aaron Sorkin show -- then it might be a little dicey).

Mrs. Trumball

Now it can be told...I was so confused when I started reading your blog. You mentioned your partner, so I thought you were gay. Then you mentioned your kids and I thought it took you awhile to figure our you were gay. Finally, I think I saw a post where you mentioned your writing partner and I was no longer confused. Until you mentioned that coffee mug.


Happy blog birthday, Mr. L. Btw, I have read the archives.


Congrats on two years. I enjoy your blog very much. If you suffer a brain injury and as a result decide it would be a good idea to hold an event in Richmond, Virginia, I'd definitely go!

A. Buck Short

Thanks for linking to the trip down -- I guess out there it’s Memory “Drive?” Your travelogues make me nostalgic for places I’ve never experienced. Veja du? Have you ever thought of webcasting yourself watching the Oscars with running color commentary – ala Mystery Science Theater? Or maybe we all agree not to watch until you post us the writer’s-cut with a crawl? Or as a send up of DVD directors’ voiceover commentary? Two years may not seem like a long time for us as readers – but that’s like twenty-four in BobEvans/CatherineOxenberg years. You’ve just about replaced caffeine as substance of choice to ease the morning neurons into firing position. Does it do that for you too? Thank you, it’s just right. I’m glad I found your blog and even gladder the BGA didn’t walk out too.Now just 2 more questiond:What kind of event was it where they were holding up that sign in the photo? Charlie Sheen's wedding?And what’s a Toni Senecal? Sounds like a pretentious, overpriced, West African Laxative?


not only have i read some of your archives - i've searched them.I don't remember to come here often, but keep blogging - pretty soon there will be no TV and I know I'll need something to read :)


PS - don't podcast. i never have time for that (which is why i miss so much of Aaron Barnhart's stuff. just type, darn it. *we* have to!)oh, and you might want to feature the pronounciation (sp?) of your last name. if you think that's bad - i knew this girl Lissa, online, for a year, only to meet her and find out is was pronounced Lisa. Spent a weekend with her, mispronouncing her name (out of habit (and i still do it)) Now she has it in her sig line


Nice work, Ken.Here's to more of the same, or better!PattiSitcom Room 2 alumnus


Congrats/bugger, is it really two years?Time flies when you are reading old stories about MASH. Still wish I got baseball though.All the best from Scotland!k


hi Keni am a writer here in singapore and i learnt a lot about comedy writing by watching mash, taxi, and cheers, my all time favorites in comedy shows. So congrats, and keep up those stories about stories behind mash, and cheers.tell us what it was like directing your first script..did you have to worry about camera angles and such?andrew


Congrats on the two years. I have nothing funny or original to say, but I should thank you for reminding me to go floss my teeth.

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    Ken Levine is an Emmy winning writer/director/producer/major league baseball announcer. In a career that has spanned over 30 years Ken has worked on MASH, CHEERS, FRASIER, THE SIMPSONS, WINGS, EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, BECKER, DHARMA & GREG, and has co-created his own series including ALMOST PERFECT starring Nancy Travis. He and his partner wrote the feature VOLUNTEERS. Ken has also been the radio/TV play-by-play voice of the Baltimore Orioles, Seattle Mariners, San Diego Padres.
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