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December 30, 2007


A. Buck Short

OK, but only because I’m never sure at what point I’ve inappropriately taken an opportunity to abuse your Dad’s blog excessively over the course of a single weekend. And, of course, in appreciation for the cuter-than-Dad-has-a-right-to-deserve headshot.You don’t know how lucky you’ve had it. I know I’m in danger of developing a reputation for inventing fake stories about fake cousins, but this one is also reasonably accurate. My cousin Diana began he career as a Hollywood actress in the early ‘50s, when the “studio system” was still going full throttle. In the course of her career she worked for 4 different studios, who changed her name 5 different times, ultimately settling on Diana – which evidently took. Or else they just didn't care anymore.Of course the name wasn’t the only sequential studio alteration. Mom once said that each time Diana signed with a new studio they changed her name, made up a new bio, and chopped off other hunk of her nose.


And here I was, thinking Diane Keaton/Annie Hall.


No offense, Annie/Diana, but there will always be only one Porntip for me: 1988's Miss Universe, the L.A.-raised Thai beauty Porntip Nakhirunkanok.diogo, you can get Ken's book on amazon, I believe. But act fast -- I understand it recently went up from 39 cents to 53.


There was also John Denver's hit "Annie's Song." But maybe that doesn't count, since the name doesn't actually appear in the lyrics.

Paul Duca

At least the Diana to Annie move makes some sense...I still don't know how my mother, born Elizabeth, has long been called Nancy.(oh, Ken...speaking of my mother, remember we talked about making a deal where you'd burn me a CD of Joanie Sommers' "Softly, the Brazilian Sound" to give her? Think we can try to make that happen in the New Year?)


Am I the only one who is curious why Ken would name his daughter Diane and then refer to her as Annie? In my experience Annie isn't the obvious nickname for Diane (as opposed to say Bill for William).I think it's a tribute to the human spirit that in spite of this sadistic bit of parenting you managed to turn out to be a beautiful and intelligent young lady. (I've met both of your parents, so there is no doubt in my mind who you inherited those features from.)I keeed... You're lucky to have such nice and surprisingly hip parents, even if they can't decide which name to call you.


what is it with names? I have never found out how my Mother (may she rest in peace) went from Helena Louise to ......Hazel!


I never understood why Diana became Annie. i took it as a rejection of the name. It hurts. My name is Diane and i was her kindergarten teacher. (She was/is very smart and cute)

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