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December 26, 2007


A. Buck Short

"On your left" comeback, textbook.Your takes on these things almost persuade me I'm also having a good time here. Please keep it up. Secret to staying svelt on a Hawaiian vacation: Stop after the first mahi.


Could be worse on the waves and the power -- today is the third anniversary of the SE Asian tsunami. But if Santa's taking post-Christmas R&R there, it must be safe.USA Today must have never hear of Wifi or that other exotic word, PDF, if they can't figure out how to get pages with same day scores to the islands. Though in a place where the Sugar Bowl is going to start at 3 p.m., it's not like everyone can't get all the scores before the 10 o'clock news is over.(As for me, thanks to the damn mainland weather in the Southwest right now, I expect to be driving through 65-75 mph winds and a dust storm on Thursday on the way to Los Angeles. And if I end up stuck in a Motel 6 somewhere on I-10, I want the handicapped room, which at least have those coiled extended shower massage nozzles. More than makes up for not being able to use the designated parking space right outside your door.)


Gee I was hoping to hear an anecdote about the birdman of Lahainia...maybe he’s flown the coup?Children used to be dazzled by the colorful birds playfully performing tricks on his head and shoulders while the adults were absolutely disgusted by the the amount of bird crap on the guys back….ah showbiz.b


Your travelogues are always a joy to read. Mahalo, Ken, for all the enjoyment you've provided to your adoring public.


If you go into the art gallery on Front Street in Lahaina that specializes in music collectibles, you can get John Lennon's original artwork. As in many areas, Lennon's work puts McCartney's to shame.


and my wife – kind hearted soul that she is – thinks our pool man, Chuckie, deserves a trip.I've seen several movies that start that way.


amazingly funny and so true. don't know how we found your comments on the web but it created a lot of laughter as we are regulars to Maui.

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