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January 01, 2008



Back when my cable system (Adelphia at the time) carried the Independent Film Channel on an affordable and non-digital tier, I caught "The Opposite of Sex." I was so ecstatic over the thing -- story, actors, everything -- that I talked it up incessantly. Until I found that all my friends (well, many of them) were already well aware of the film's charms.So: if you like the tone of Juno, especially, or you're just looking for something that's offbeat, intelligent and fun (with Lisa Kudrow miles from "Smelly Cat"), and don't mind a little raunch, I strongly recommend "The Opposite of Sex."As for Juno -- hell, it's got J.K. Simmons and Allison Janney - right there, reason enough to see it. In fact, they were why I went.

Rory L. Aronsky

I don't think I could stand listening to that voice for two hours.You're in luck! See it now and get 28 minutes off. It's 92 minutes. ;)


Juno was great, but the dialogue in the first 20 minutes was a bit overdone and annoying. "Honest to blog"? Yikes.

The Ump

Dave: "I don't think I could stand listening to that voice for two hours."I didn't see Page's interview, but she wouldn't be the first actress who works better off a script. (take Fred Dalton Thompson, f'rinstance. Please.) Go to a matinee; walk out after 20 if she's as grating as you fear. I'll bet you stay. It's a cute, fun movie, Janney and Simmons are wonderful, Garner is OK, and Page is a kick. Our New Year's Day matinee had many 3/4 generation families in attendance, all of whom left smiling. That's an accomplishment worthy of your entertainment dollar.The music is fun, too.


For a journalism student like myself with fleeting thoughts of becoming a screenwriter, where would one get there hands on this screenplay? I'm dreading that the answer is a WGA 'For Your Consideration' mailer...If so, I'll stick with my original plan of waiting 'til February when the Borders clerk told me it'd be published.


You can get the Juno screenplay online at: www.foxsearchlight.com/awards/scripts/juno.pdf

dave w.

A very satisfying, quiet movie.It doesn't tell you how to feel.


I heard Reitman and Diablo do a dual interview on Fresh Air.one of the things that sticks in my head is that Diablo was on the set and was consulted by Reitman when he needed a new line or wanted to add a scene. It sounded like the complete opposite of most other writers' experiences.


This movie can not be considered a comedy. I'm begging someone to tell me what line, or bit, or scene was funny? I missed something. I liked the movie, but how was it funny?

Aesop Buck Short

Dave: "I don't think I could stand listening to that voice for two hours."She was lip-syncing the peacock, and miming Mary Boyle. (Not brilliant, but hey, it's only day 2.)


"Webs said...I think all the performances were spot on except Garner's."I disagree. She was fantastic. The scene in the mall where Vanessa is feeling the baby kick gives plenty of reason for Juno to do what she did at the end of the film.


tmoney: Do you really expect an answer to "how is it funny?" that will make you say, "Oh, NOW I get it!" Nothing's more subjective than comedy, right?I'm dying to see "Juno", though I always worry about catching a film when the hype machine is in full force. Try as I might, it's hard not to go in with that "Okay, let's see all that greatness everyone's raving about" attitude. Glad to hear that didn't diminish Ken's enjoyment of it.I concur with the love for "The Opposite of Sex." A real shame that Roos hasn't followed that up with something as impressive.But watch that Mandy Moore dissing, Ken! While I'm sure she'd be disastrous casting for Juno, I think she's a very talented, natural actress. She almost makes the execrable "Because I Said So" watchable because she's so engaging and adept. She gets my vote for Miss Silk Purse of 2007 (see also "License to Wed," if you dare).


tmoney, every time they showed Michael Cera's legs was funny. Juno's parents' teen-crisis preferences were funny, "that aint no etch-a-sketch, home skillet." "I doubt that she gave you the stink-eye...that's just how her face looks." Orange tic-tacs... The movie full of subtle and not-so-subtle comedy.And nobody mentioned the ending. I loved the ending.


you forget to mention the incredible soundtrack. The songs could not have been better matched for this movie


Saw this tonight and agree with everything Ken said. Don't quite get the problems some folks are having with Ellen Page's voice. Is the effect akin to that lady who had seizures when she heard Mary Hart?Some lines grate, mostly early on, and a few of the songs faded out just one step ahead of getting on my nerves, but otherwise I'm impressed.


Just saw this last night too. WOW. Yes, some of the early dialogue is awkward, and the soundtrack blows chunks (I'm subjective like that), but WOW, what a movie. Thanks for the recommendation.

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