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January 05, 2008



Ann Coulter and Christopher Hitchens

D. McEwan

In 1992, I attended the taping of an episode of DAME EDNA'S HOLLYWOOD at NBC in Burbank. LOVE LETTERS was running in L.A. at the time. During a commercial break, I asked Dame Edna to please bring her legendary stage show to Los Angeles. (That event still lay 9 years in the future.)Dame Edna replied that she'd like to test the waters first by doing LOVE LETTERS with Lily Tomlin.


I don't get Richard Hatch & Tonya Harding...How about Sam Kennison and Rita Rudner?Hallie


Ellen Degeneres and Anne HecheAnne Heche and Anne HecheAlec Baldwin and Kim BassingerAnd lest we forget, the most obvious...Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

Michael Zand

OJ Simpson and Gloria Allred. Though my favorite was Lou Ferrigno and Marlie and Matlin. Very cruel but very funny.


Robert W. Morgan and Emperor Bob Hudson


Dice Clay and Amy Grant got the biggest laugh from me, for some reason


How about: Kim Cattrall and Kurt Russell, ideally in the voices they used in BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA.



Barry W

Lou Ferrigno & Marlie Matlin...That is INSPIRED.

emily litella

Jay Leno wanted me to ask...Was any of your Sportstalk show written by a WGA member?

A. Buck Short

Rene Taylor? Now wait a minute. I think you've stepped over the line.Fran Drescher and Lou Ferrigno conjure up another interesting situation. Now the remainder of tonight's comments will resurrect 40 year-old Helen Keller jokes.


Judging from the difficulty so many actors have reading from TelePrompters on award shows, I think I'd insist on some rehearsal.How about Paris Hilton and David Letterman?Flava Flav and Brigitte NielsenNew York and Tailor MadeHoward Stern and Oprah WinfreyBurt and Linda PugachJack Black and Kyle GassEddie Murphy and Scary SpiceMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Matthew and Gunnar NelsonOh, this could never end...

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