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December 22, 2005



Ken, nice Jewish boys are not DJ's.Nice Jewish boys are, doctors, lawyers, writers, dentists, movie producers, cpa's, writers and like long legged blue eyes blonde gentile girls.

MaryAn Batchellor

Worked at a radio rep firm many moons ago and KSEA was a client. We were placing spots one morning and an advertiser called, rescinded his order, and chewed me out for misrepresenting the station's format. Our chief AE called the station and said, "when did the format change?". The answer was "45 minutes ago".

Norm Garr

One of the funniest radio stories I've ever read.NORM

Howard Hoffman

Wait, wait. You turned your back on a business that fired an entire staff three days before Christmas? I don't understand that at all...

Robert Hogan

Fiddler on the Roof...in Yiddish. That's classic. That has to be in a script some day. Rob


A. You were a damn good jockB. Radio left you, you didn't leave radioC. Did Howard Kalmenson own KSEA? He liked changing formats more often than his underwear.

Ken Levine

Thanks for liking my airwork. The owner of KSEA/KSON was Dan McKinnon I believe.

Lloyd Thaxton

I am most likely the only person on radio that fired himself. My first gig in LA (1958) was sub announcer for KMPC. I took over during days off and vacations for Dick Wittinghill. One day the PD called me into his office to listen to one of my air-checks. I sounded so bad that I quit. Radio was just not my bag.Good move for me. I went back to TV. Can anyone else claim that they fired themselves?Hey wait! I have my own blog. I'll write this story. Five people in the world have to hear it. Yes Ken, I now have a blog readership of five.

Ken Levine

I did a voice over on ALMOST PERFECT and then cut myself out of the show. Does that count as firing yourself?

Jon Badeaux

I thought I was the only person fired from KMEN. At the time they said I was the worst disc jockey they'd ever heard. (Then why did you hire me?) Swear to God... they found me another job. In Eureka, CA. Acutally, a "burb" of Eureka, FORTUNA, CA. That's when I discovered there was something more humiliating than just being fired!

serg hernandez

Whatever happened to Dick Wittinghill? I live in Acton, CA and I understand he used to kid Acton alot.In 1971 he staged a mock battle in Acton for publicty

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