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December 25, 2005



Hehe nice.Could have been worse. You could have made her cry before you found out tickets were only a buck.

Lloyd Thaxton

I love to laugh out loud. You just made me laugh out loud. Therefore, I must love you.I'll stop now before this turns serious.Lloyd

Howard Hoffman

So? Did you finally get in for free or did you have to shell out the buck?We need to know for future reference.

Ken Levine

I went home and told my wife the story and she said "so did you pay the buck?" YES, I'm not THAT much of a cheapskate.


Wonderful! Thanks.


Peppertree was in Northridge - and it was the shittiest theater of all time.... it's now a Body In Motion gym....

Sharone Rosen

Montgomery Ward would have been a step up! I believe the centerpiece of that fine center of commerce was ZODY'S. That was back in the days when SFVSC became CSUN... and the JC Penny at the Northridge Fashion Center still had a saddle and tack department on the first floor.THANKS for all the laughs Ken. Whoever told you to start blogging was right!

Ken Levine

I remember Zodys well. It was the poor man's version of White Front so what does that tell you? I could reminisce for hours about the valley in the 60's and 70's if anyone would give a shit.

Llew Keller

I, for one would be happy to hear reminiscenes about the Valley in the 60s and 70s. I'm now at the age that I enjoy thinking about my desolate Valley childhood. Ken-this is a great blog by the way, and it's great to see that you're making good use of your time since the zenith of your career (no - not M*A*S*H*, Beaver Cleaver at KYA). In my pre-teens, I had a crush on the lady who played Annie Oakley on TV in the 50s. She did commercials for either Zody's or White Front. Do you remember?

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