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December 22, 2005



My wife and I stayed at the 7 Springs for our honeymoon. Not our real honeymoon, just the day after we got married when we had to escape the relatives. Had we known about the pooper scooper, we would've brought the cat.I just read how a judge granted a restraining order against David Letterman. Some whackjob claims he speaks to her with code words during his broadcast. Other celebrity offenders included Kelsey Grammer. I see you wrote on Fraiser. Could you share the code messages you incorporated in your scripts that made this lady spiral further into insanity?Thanks for a fun blog.http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/1222051dave1.html

Ken Levine

Everytime we wrote "Eddie" it meant she was to send us a check. We did quite well thanks to her.


Very amusing post. As someone who has worked on the other side of the desk in hotels, your vacation stories have made me laugh. Did the pooper-scooper come in a sanitised package with the "7 Springs" logo printed on it? I wonder how many people take them home as souvenirs...Just for your stats, I was referred here through John August, and Craig Mazin, and will definately be back.Cheers,GuyMelbourne, Australia


Ken and family .Watch out for all the old folks who are driving while visiting from Beverly Hills . Happy HA-KNOCK-NA-KA roger carroll

Stephen Benson

yeah! that's my springs and i do love it so. . .see if you can track down the palm springs truffle works for the best chocolates in the world. . .or try the "two bunch palms" spa in desert hot springs . . .but you're right it's not hawaii


Ken, we have a home in Berrego Springs. Very much like Palm Springs 1940 but no kosher style deli's. rc

Jon Badeaux

I missed a part of life by not being a parent. Sometimes I'm not even apparent. I'm curious about one thing. Why do Matt and Annie have ages while you and Debby do not? Are you proud that you managed to go 22 years without killing Matt -- but ashamed to remember Sonny Bono?One has to also ponder how the "getting laid" population has dwindled since Old Blue Eyes entered the great boardroom in the sky!


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