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December 12, 2005


Jeff O'Brien

You know the funny thing - I'm probably in the minority of people who think the recent Star Trek series (all of them) basically did things like that. Broke continuity, broke character, just had sub par writing far too often. CGI allow for bad ideas to be easily done? Too many deux ex machina endings where writers used alternate realities or time warps or some kind of "it was all a dream" gimmick to bring back the status quo. I know you're talking about specs but it's amazing how much of that applies to ST:TNG and escpecially to Enterprise... alright enough ST bashing.


Stop. You had me at "Mary Tyler Moore's husband."

Jeff O'Brien

I had a friend who actually worked on the old Highlander series, was able to get a spec script to the producers - then flew in the face of the show by ignoring the series bible and giving the immortals kids and having them be fathers...


As another wannabe white English writer type, I just have to say thanks for writing this. I have since thrown my 'Joey Vs Godzilla' script in the bin. You shall be hearing from my lawyer....(Note when I say 'lawyer', I mean 'stinking man in a Hamburglar costume drinking out of a brown paper bag')PS Do you think they'd be interested in my Golden Girls Juniors idea? (The Bea Arthur character carries a skateboard and listens to rap!!!)


Hey Ken --Congrats on the successful launch of your blog. Another day, another interesting post. Keep it coming. -- SaschaPS: I especially enjoyed your Frasier episode "Room Service"[email protected]

Bill Cunningham

What? I'm not Frazier's long lost brother???!!!(circular file)

AJ Gentile

As a new kid in town, this blog has become a must-read.


Another suggestion: Don't write an episode concentrating on a supporting character unless the series is genuinely designed as an ensemble show. For example, while you may have the hots for Beth Broderick, a "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" that focused on Aunt Zelda and left Sabrina in the background would probably have gone straight to the wastebasket. The lead character can often share an "A" plot with a supporting character, but generally the latter will have to settle for a "B" plot.


Well, that NewsRadio idea sounds like the one thing here that could have worked. From what little you said, it does seem to fit with the rhythm of the show.

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