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December 21, 2005



Very useful information. I was actualy planning to kidnap Gred Daniels and making him read my spec. This might work better.Can you return a tazer?

The Moviequill

always be persistent...Ken, read my script now...I said right now (ha)


Now, exactly how "stalky" can one get? One of the writers of Six Feet Under does frequent shows in LA. Won't it be obvious if I introduce myself that I'm just a sycophantic writer desperately clawing at any opportunity to get ahead? Or will I just blend in?


How 'bout working in a studio mailroom to make contacts? Although if anyone does that I suggest not starting right in the middle of the holidays...it's insanely busy and just might kill you.


Ken, nice Jewish boys are not DJ's they are writers, doctors lawyers denists, writers. roger carroll


Ken, Good Jewish boys are not DJ's. They are writers, doctors, tv writers lawyers, dentists, writers, have long legged blonde blue eyed girls gentile girlfriends. rc


Hm, I don't feel comfortable imposingon the few people I know who are connected in this way. Maybe that means I'm doomed. Or maybe I'm just doomed because I like my day job too much...

Ken Levine

Stalking won't work. Establishing relationships to where the story editors want to read your script is the way to go. Kidnapping is not a great idea either...no matter how good your script.

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