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December 26, 2005



Their motto should be: Striving to be America West.Lol! I HATE America West. And now, I'll never fly Hawaiian....

Ken Levine

Then I've done my job.


I wish you many more bad vacations in Hawaii because it is great fun reading your comments! Did Woody say "comedy is tragedy plus time"? Or something like that... Anyway, you are a GREAT writer!


Got in an elevator as a woman was pushing the button. She wore a baseball cap with an “L” on it. I asked what the L stood for and she said “lobby”.I gather there were a lot of industry people staying at your hotel and hogging the cabanas. IF the woman was wearing a ballcap with a pink "L" then it probably stood for "L Word". That's their logo. It's usually a hot pink "L" on a black (occasionally white) background. (That kind of snarky remark would be de rigueur coming from someone associated with "the L word" since they maintain that the "L" could stand for anything.)IF it was an "L" within a circle, and multicolored then it's probably the logo for the newest "all gay, all da time" network called "Logo". Don't ask ME why they called a gay tv channel "Logo" it makes no sense to me. But, there's two possible explainations for the "L" on the woman's ball cap.Both logos are easy to google... if you care.Thanks for being so entertaining and informative, I enjoy your blog immensely!


You may also care to check out poetry, composed purely from the sayings of the President.http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,12271,807587,00.html

Marc Mielke

You really need to go into Kahului for a moviegoing experience. I'm about three blocks from the Kihei Cineplex and never go there.The Maui Mall theaters are actually THX-rated.

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