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December 14, 2005



I agree with you all the way. Especially with Lost in Translation. Anyhow, it turned out pretty well... as (almost) always.


Come on... "Lip your stocking?" Funnnnay.Then again, Bill Murray could belch the alphabet and it would be funny.


*shrug*Does anyone still listen to acceptance speeches?


Well I still have very fond recollections of the old style British Academy of Film and TV Arts awards. Until the 9Os the BAFTAS for TV and Film were awarded as part of one mega-ceremony and so viewers were treated to the surreal sight of actors from gritty British soaps hob-nobbing with Francis Ford Coppola.Hilarity tended to ensue. And then, having ensued, would invariably abound. I have to agree with your comments on Lost in Translation. It's a sweet movie but on a comedic level it has considerably fewer laughs than Full Metal Jacket.Now if only Diane Lane could be in some good movies.

Robert Hogan

Ken, why are you not writing for this show. They could get Billy Crystal to host...it would be a hoot. Rob

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