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February 24, 2006



Ricky is a jerk.

Ken Levine

Without question. His only reason for arranging the date is to get agoraphobic Hank out of his apartment so he can rob him.


snapper = priceless"you're not my mom" the macaw lines are the best.the ricky lines are a little awkward. actually, just the second ricky line.i'm tellin you, love hewitt is a shoe-in for the role of gina.


Ha! Good suggestion, andres. Watching Jennifer Love Hewitt give that tampon line... That would be surreal.

Rob Spalding

Reading these excerpts, it almost seems like somebody read the proposal for this, decided to tone everything down somewhat, and then made Along Came Polly.Or is that just me?

emily blake

I am so not the audience for this film. Just watching Frasier screw up makes me uncomfortable. I think I'd shrink right into the floor watching Gina, no matter how funny it may be. And it is funny. But horrifying.


I concur...the tampon in my snapper line is great. GREAT

Ken Levine

I was on the fence a long time about the "snapper" line. For awhile had a tamer line in there (I don't even remember what it was). But ultimately I thought, especially in this age of hard R AMERICAN PIE/SOMETHING ABOUT MARY type comedies to just go for it. And again, I wanted her to be the maximum JOLT when you first meet her. Part of what make the line work is if someone like Jennifer Love Hewitt does it. It would be sooo unexpected and you'd immediately think "wow, she's a good sport". Tomorrow's scene (the last I'll post, promise) is somewhat sweeter. Cracks of vulnerability do start appearing.

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