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February 26, 2006


Bill Cunningham

This is good for me, Ken. Now I know what I'm not missing. I don't start watching the show until they get down to the final 12. It is absolutely painful to watch the audition shows - not only to my ears but to my psyche.


They should have kept the cowboy. He was disturbing in his innocence. It would have been great to see him corrupted on national TV.


Hey Ken-sorry to hear your choice for optimal procrastination is american idol - you need to check out dancing with the stars - so much more fun than AI. I'm sorry, I haven't been able to get behind a show that that many people watch. i am horrified that i even like dancing with the stars. it's too popular. give me arrested development with no one watching it. it's like if it had gotten popular, i think i would have been miffed.have a great day!


I am so with you on your idol picks, Ken.But I think, in the great tradition of Clay Aiken, that Ace should be awarded extra points in case he does decide to come out before the end of the season. Now THAT would make great television.I cannot believe that I actually saw your post on the Lloyd Thaxton website. Of course, I was posting there at the time also.This web makes friendly strangers of us all.My occasional blogs are at www.theturtles.com and are called "Eddie's Media Corner."Not enough discipline to do it daily, so I post when I can.Great to read your thoughts, man.You echo the thoughts of the media oppressed.hk

Morning Ham

Ken, Nice to see Howard Kaylan posting on your blog...wonder what you would've had to say about him if AI had been on in the 60s.

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