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February 21, 2006



If ever there was a script that deserved a huge campaing to help get it produced, this has to be it.I want to read the whole thing.

Ken Levine

My initial idea was to play against type...assuming that the actress can pull off the comedy. My feeling is someone like Julia Roberts would either think this would be a hoot to play or NO WAY. Sarah Silverman is still unknown enough by the general public that she could suck the audience in early on to think she's an ethereal goddess. But she has the chops to pull off the comedy. Unlike Angelina Jolie who just can't play funny. I don't think Jennifer Aniston has the edge needed but I wouldn't "kick her out of bed" as the saying goes.


//(Paris Hilton with no money but a sense of humor)//So unlike Hilton, she has actual value to society?I'm definitely enjoying these scenes.


Ken just post the dang pdf already ;)

Tom Quigley

Ken,Having had several kidney stone episodes in my life, I started laughing out loud as soon as I hit that line! I was layering the "kill me now, please!" agony of those experiences on top of the rest of the scene -- you've got tears coming out of my eyes, and I'm not sure if it's from laughter or pain!

Mary Lewys

I wish very much we the viewing public were able to greenlight projects. I don't think I could hit my little green light button fast, hard or often enough.And I agree. Sarah Silverman would be perfect.I miss funny, strong women.

Ken Levine

I don't see Gina as angry, just fun and wild. I too have passed a couple of kidney stones -- one on an airplane. Talk about claustraphobia....


This is quite possibly some of the funniest screenwriting I've read in a long time.

Stephen Benson

hilarious! sarah silverman would rule, flat rule in this role. a line like "audrey hepburn never said motherfucker" needs preservation on film.


This begs the question Ken, how much spec writing do you do now?

Ken Levine

Less now that I have a blog. Actually it depends on how much else I'm doing. But I do like writing on spec. I've got a couple of indie type screenplays (one a straight drama) searching for a home (with money) and a play. Thanks again for all the props on GINA. I don't know how to post pdf's and not sure I'd want to put a whole script out there but if you want more GINA lemme know. Especially for the weekend.

Tod Hunter

I'm upping the ante. I'm ready to write a check for $20 for TWO tickets right now.--t

Scott the Reader

My nomination? Rachel McAdams. She could rock this.


Ken:Have you sent it to Sarah Silverman's agent already? This script is hilarious.

Ken Levine

I'll post more Gina on the weekend. Thanks for the great response.


I liked this scene a lot more than the first one. In this scene, I can see Gina as being somebody you'd actually want to be with - in the first she was just bitchy. Arrogant and rude and loud in both, but this is fun and the first one just, well, wasn't.But I'd definitely like to read the whole thing. The first scene could play depending on how much it's a part of the whole, you know?


Very funny, but my first thought was 'cell phones working on airplanes are spotty at best'. Might want to at least acknowledge that.

Ken Levine

As the movie unfolds you see many sides of Gina. Usually she's just outrageous and when she does get angry she has no censor and says the things we all wish we could say. When you first meet her (and perhaps that's a scene I'll share this weekend) I want her to be shocking, crass -- an absolute nightmare. I want Hank to want to run away as far and as fast as possible. And then over the course of the movie he begins to see her differently. And we learn more about why she is the way she is. As for the cellphone. I know EXACTLY what you're saying but decided to take the same creative license they took in AIRFORCE ONE. And hopefully if the laughs are big enough you'll let it go or not even think of the plausibilty factor (he said copping out).


If Melissa Joan Hart wanted to shatter her Clarissa/Sabrina persona forever, this would be the perfect vehicle for her.

Paul Duca

Ken...aren't we ALL looking for a home with money?

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