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February 27, 2006



Hey Ken,Congrats on 100.I read your blog daily from Montreal and have for a few weeks now, ever since my friend sent me his bookmark collection.I always like seeing your takes on pop culture and TV shows, even if I'm not hip to all of the references. :)Best of luck for the next 100!- tonyboy


Careful... people who read you consistantly may realize exactly who you are. Please - if your children are capable of actually posting somerthing interesting - let them on their own blogs.Careful... if you have enough to to say on a near-daily basis.... say it. Otherwise, simply refrain.Most of all... do not take this medium as ANYTHING similar to what you actually understand!Peace. And yes - please think about what I'm saying sit.... with all due respect.Since3 I'm posting qanonymous.... hey, I'm DAVE.


Among the growing list of screenwriters' blogs I read, yours stands out not just for the daily post but for the fact that it is primarily entertaining rather than instructional. I appreciate that. Never underestimate a good laugh at the end of the day.Ryan from Winona Lake, IN


Ken, I've gotten out of the habit of blogging lately, mostly because I've been working on actual specs.Congrats on reaching #100. The next 100 will be harder, but probably more satisfying.I'm in L.A., like the rest of the wannabes. I'm just a squirrel tryin' to get a nut in this world.Oh, and don't be slaggin' on Taylor, my fave American Idol. He's an old soul. Should he be American Idol? Probably not, but hey, I will buy his album when it comes out someday...


Hey Ken-Based out of Sacramento, California.Not much interesting to say about myself yet. Maybe one day. Thanks for all the interesting stories and anecdotes.


Hey, Ken.100 Posts? That's roughly 99 more than most people achieve. Well done. My name is Catherine and I am writing from Australia. I'm a writing student and a writer wannabe (for now - watch out world!). I check in almost daily for a cheap laugh (!) or some really helpful Survivor tips (those were invaluable). Can't wait to read over your Bitchy Oscar Wrap. It's so good to hear from someone who doesn't think the whole thing is a gift from God. Well done, and all the best.


I've told you this in person, but since you asked -- I read your blog everyday and enjoy it immensely. Learning and laughing -- not a bad way to spend time. Thanks, Ken.


Hi Ken,Different Dave from above. Reading from Downunder. Enjoy it and all the best.cheersDave

Jason Looney

Longmont, Colorado. Love your blog. The blend of tips and tomfoolery is just right, IMO. I'm keenly interested in your writing process. How do you break down what's wrong with a joke? How do you know when to throw it away? Do you try to avoid analyzing humor, or is analysis part of the craft? That type of thing.Insight from a pro like you is invaluable. Please, never stop.


Hi Ken!Reading via Bloglines in the City of Lost Angels.You're always a pick-up from the very possibly close-to-isolation environment this feels like. The roommates and I especially liked the Shield/Piano teacher line.


100th episode!! Isn't some slagging-off warranted, don't we get a clip-post or something? I've been here for the past 25 or so...Born in Seattle, as a kid listened to your stint with the M's. Now in Lexington, KY, scraping together a living and writing constantly, procrastinating perpetually...Please understand, I hold you in the highest regard as a TV writer when I say: I want somebody other than you to read my script.Eagerly anticipating your Oscar column. Eat your heart out, Bruce Vilanch (insert your joke of choice here)...—Campbell Andrews


From just inside the DC Beltway in MD.Actually, what I find interesting is the execution of ideas...Bill


The Beav' at 100! They grow up so fast.It's not very often I help push someone into something and it actually BECOMES something. Of course being a writing god helps a tad with the content.Shouldn't this have been a clip post?


Campbell beat me to the clip post joke. See? I'm clever-challenged.


HiNames Bryan...but you can call me Seabass.Got to La by way of the Univ of Arizona, The Cayman Islands, Alaska, and finally LMU.Recent grad...currently working as a office assistant...trying to figure out who I have to sleep with to get a TV staff writers assistant gig.Working on my TV specs.Trying to ge the courage to hit on the porn stars I see in the frozen food section at the local Ralphs in Sherman Oaks.later.


Ken,I can always count on having a laugh on the blog. Thanks for the first hundred. JustinWriter of comics and things. Nestled between a maximum security prison and a nuclear power plant. I feel a movie comin' on.


Hey Ken,found the site whilst doing the rounds of TV and screenwriting blogs, been coming back ever since. I'm a filmmaking and web designing type in Inverness, Scotland UK.I visited Inverness, California once. It rained. A lot like it does here.Congrats on 100 posts.


Hey,Congrats on the big One Oh Oh. I'm reading from England (and I mean actual England not US shorthand for everywhere in the UK that's not London) and have been since around New Year, in keeping with my resolution to become less productive at work.Of all the screenwriting blogs I read yours is definitely the one most written by a bloke called Ken. Thanks for that and the bitchy hilariousness to boot (both on the blog and on those little heard of comedies, what were they, Mash ? Cheers ? I don't see them doing much business personally but, y'know, keep plugging away at it).Ewan


Mad props dawg,You know who I am because you've graciously answered a few of my questions. I'm currently reading you from Michigan but next week I'll be viewing you from LA. The week after that I hope to be viewing you from an unmarked, rusty van across the street. Then maybe from your bushes, and eventualy I plan to just move into your crawlspace.Here's to many more happy years together,Garrett


You want me to write, so I'll write. I read your posts from Endicott, NY (which is not quite the end of the world, but shares the same zip code). I can't recall where I first saw your blog, but that viewing inspired me to add it to my bloglines feed. Then you mentioned Volunteers and I was hooked.

Hannibal Tabu

My name is Hannibal Tabu. I'm a journalist and nascent novelist (my debut work, The Crown: Ascension, is available on Amazon and sample chapters are on my website) living and working in South Los Angeles. I like your cool wit, the careful way you're able to make a joke in a comment, and watching the brain of someone who makes more money than I do doing the same basic thing -- telling stories. Even though I have zero interest in screen writing as a future for myself (not that I'd turn down a gig). I don't have an actual "don't like" off the top of my head. You amuse me, and that's all I kind of want. Unless you'd like to hook me up with somebody who'd sign a check ... >8^p

David Bishop

Ken,Congrats on 100 posts - all of them entertaining.I live in Scotland but hail from New Zealand, have had 14 novels published but am taking an MA in Screenwriting, and will be getting my first broadcast drama credit this June. Baby steps, but it's progress.I have to ask: do you get a residual for your work on The Simpsons. Much as I love Dancing Homer, I must have seen that episode as many times as you've posted to your blog. That, Bart the Genius and the Monorail episode. Some shit's only funny the first 99 times, you know?


I'm an aspiring writer in Canada.I have made some minor sales, and continue to write in the evenings after my day job. I have a four pages a day rule :) Not a lot, but it keeps me pushing forward.I mostly write drama, but really admire comedy writers, especially veteran comedy writers who have such an accumulated bag of tricks.I think eventually I will write comedy, and that may even end up being what I'm best at.Thanks for all 100 of your posts. You seem like a pretty good, generous guy, and most of all you seem happy with life and your career.It's a good influence.


Dude,You had me at 'Hello.....Greg's pants, Greg's not in them right now'. Keep up the good fight....oh this is not that kinda blog...Good luck finding a new job??? .... Whatever (said in valleygirl-ese).Cheers


Hey Ken congratulations on 100, may you blog a million more. This is your blog and you can write about whatever I say ignore all those fools who don't have anything nice to say, but still look to you for inspiration and help. North of Detroit in Michigan.

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