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March 28, 2006



I completely agree about Elaine Boozler -- her stand-in for Stephanie Miller was not too hot, not too cold, just right for the morning drive.I like Miller and her voice guy does the best Bush impression I've heard. But the show is always on the defensive, reacting to things said on rightwing shows. I wish they'd go on the attack, rather than react all the time.

Ken Levine

Elayne writes ALL of her own material. I assume BALDEDASH is her AfterMASH.


Well... I invite you all to come to New York and visit a few comedy clubs instead of listening to old standup CDs on the radio. You'll see plenty of funny female comics, and most of us talk about things besides the four hacky topics that apparently dominate XM's comedy programming. Elayne Boosler is great, but she's not the only one.Laurie Kilmartin


I was just wondering the other day whatever happened to Elayne Boosler. Glad to hear she's still as funny as I remember. Thanks for the update!

Ken Levine

Laurie,Next time I'm in New York I would love to come see your act. And you're right. It would be refreshing to hear new comics once in a while on XM instead of Larry the Cable Guy.

Warren Benedetto

The Boosler quotes are hilarious. If she can be that legitimately funny on a regular basis, I may actually tune into radio again.Morning radio is the bottom of the comedy barrel. I can't remember the last time I got a legitimate laugh from a morning DJ. I subscribed to Sirius for a while, but their comedy channels suffer from the same affliction as XM's. It always seemed to be the "Gross Stereotype Comedy Hour," whether it was Def Comedy Jam, Blue Collar Comedy Tour, or Butch Lesbians For Laughs. That gets old real fast.(Sidenote: Larry The Cable Guy has a movie coming out called "Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector." WTF?????? My IQ went down 40 points just writing the title.)The only good thing I can say about Sirius comedy radio is that I discovered Mitch Hedberg through them. That kinda made the whole thing worth it though.

Mike Mc

Why wouldn't Elayne Boosler get a shot at radio? Let's see, the big (empty)suits would say, "too educated, too articulate and too upscale." In short, "Not Street Enough.And she's not annoying or outrageous enough to create "instant buzz." Remember, in our mass media, fame and acclaim no longer matter. The goal is notoriety.


I have to admit that I'm confused here. You won't pay for radio, but you listen to XM? How do you get XM without paying for it?

Ken Levine

I do pay for XM, primarily for the baseball coverage. But I won't switch or add Sirius just for Howard.


You couldn't pay me enough money to listen to Stern. He's the lowest common denominator and not even entertaining - unless you feel like whacking off to a midget feeling up a stripper. - Allen


As one who enjoys whacking off to a midget feeling up a stripper…well, not recently. I have to admit to laying our serious dough for Sirius radio last weekend. What pushed me over the edge was the fact Stern is now re-broadcast all day. Imagine whacking off joyfully driving to and from work!Ken, Stern is ten times the performer now then when he was on regular radio. I'd like to remind you that Vin Scully can be heard just fine on am 980 KFWB…make the switch!Bill Nesbitt

Ken Levine

Bill,When I do listen to terrestrial radio it is KFWB 980...although I wish Bill Ballance and Elliott Field were still on.


What about Adam Corolla?


Ahh, I see now. That makes more sense. I'm jealous of you west coasters. I got stuck with David Lee Roth out here. No Adam Corolla for me.


Alas, there was recently a minor tragedy in the landscape of LA radio as Dicky Barrett's "Mighty Morning Show" was swiftly and unceremoniously dropped by some small-minded suits over at the surprisingly cool Idie 1031 station.Such a shame, it really was the only good morning show in LA (though I occasionally can stomach Mark & Brian in small doses...)

Frank Strovel III

I guess I'm morally bankrupt. I got my SIRIUS last month and I've damn near given up on televison. Sorry, Ken.By the way, subscribing to MLB.com's audio stream of baseball games is only $15 for the whole season for all games. A much better deal than XM if you have use a laptop.


But having the access to all the MLB games via XM while driving beats the mlb.com online option, at least until they create universal wireless remote for automobiles (though Sirius' NFL package may offer a little more useful sometime in the future, now that the league seems hell-bent on having at least one game every other day of the week in the fall).


I second ADAM CAROLLA. Kinda has the same half dozen rotating bits, but so does Stern. Carolla is a funny comedian, as is at home in morning radio

Augie De Blieck Jr.

Maybe there's some podcasters out there that might interest you? Go to the iTunes music store and look through the various podcasting categories. (There are TV-themed shows and even some (alleged) comedy shows.) Maybe something will click with you there. . . -Augie


I think Elayne Boosler rocks! And I agree some showtime specials would be great. After reading some of the negative replies here; I feel like I've fallen into some Howard Stern cesspool. You know, a place where intellectual thought is sacrificed for masturbatory logic. I'm impressed they can at least type...it has to be hard with just one hand.

Rob Bates

Opie and Anthony used to be funny if juvenille when they were on the air in New York. Know they're on XM now; dont' know if they are still good.

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