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March 27, 2006



If you can't sell Mary Tyler Moore then you might as well hang it up. She's everything that's right with the female species.I especially liked her in That Girl.


Very funny Ken, as normal. Is it a bad thing if I actually remember that line from MASH?cheersDave


I dunno, didn't seem such a bad line coming from that character, at least I bought it...of course I was about 12 at the time. But I do remember my Dad declaring MASH the best thing ever written, which held a lot of clout for me.His absolute fovorite scene was when Potter shoots the jeep as one does a lame horse.

Tom Quigley

Re: Created a show for Mary Tyler Moore. (in case you’re scoring -- failed comeback vehicle two of five). Gee, I wonder who can sink a series with her smile?...


I've done hundreds of celebrity interviews over the years and at the bottom of the barrel was the Mary Tyler Moore interview. he was as cold as ice, very close lipped, condescending...the late Ted Knight (a very nice, very funny man!) asked me if I had interviewed Mary and when I said yes, his comment was "that must have been a thrill."Always thought she was that woman she played in ORDINARY PEOPLE...


I think Mary Tyler Moore and Foxy Brown should do a show together. Like Foxy is the child Mary gave up for addoption after getting knocked up 30 years ago and she finds her after all these years. You could grab the Lifetime and BET markets at the same time.


Maybe if it had been a Gary Burghoff (still playing Radar)/Mary Tyler Moore (still playing Mary Tyler Moore) vehicle where the two them come together to run an animal rehabilitation clinic but slowly, inevitably, fall in love. Also, they would solve murders using advanced forensic techiniques and dodgy math.


You're going to drop hints that Mary Tyler Moore is less than enchanting and then NOT elaborate? No fair. I need details!

Ken Levine

More Mary stories (Viet Nam flashbacks) in future posts.

Jaime J. Weinman

My favourite negative Mary Tyler Moore story is that when MTM Productions was doing "WKRP in Cincinnati" (never to be on DVD, alas), an interviewer asked her what she thought of the show. She replied:"Let me put it this way. I wouldn't watch it."A WKRP writer recalled: "We were crushed. Mommy didn't love us."

Tom Quigley

In keeping with the tone of how these comments are going (and to follow up on my previous post):...Who can take a promising show, and make it turn into a compost pile?....


So Marty Tyler Moore is hard to work with. Just remember, very few people even know who you are. Mary Tyler Moore is loved by millions. She will always be Laura or Mare, and you will always be the squeaky voiced geek from KSEA.


Please - Mary's characters were loved by millions. Those millions don't know what the real Mary is like. And Ken isn't the only one who has said that she's less than a sweetheart in real life.The sad thing is, I thought "Mary", the sitcom, had a lot of promise and could have been a decent follow up for her, the same way Bob Newhart had "Newhart" after "The Bob Newhart Show".


Rat on amphetamines, if I remember that episode of M*A*S*H right (and even if I don't, it plays about every two weeks on The Hallmark Channel). Anyway, it was still a better episode than most anything from the final four seasons of the show, when the whole cast appeared to be acting while on amphetamines.

Herbie J Pilato

I agree with that Anonymous said about MTM's "Mary" sitcom. It did indeed have potential - out of all her "comeback" attempts, it deserved more of a shot.

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