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October 26, 2006


Richard Jensen

First off, I had no idea you guys doctored "Jewel". How much of your stuff made the final cut?Secondly, that story confirms what I always say, I may not believe in God, but Goddamn I believe in Karma.


Ken, I adore you and your chutzpah! And I have to say my opinion of Michael Douglas went up a notch (not to imply I didn't already respect the guy). What a great story.


KenSpeaking of movies, what do you think of the writings of Joe Ezterhas?

Mr. Hollywood

There are a staggering amount of assholes at studios and your story is yet another illustration of that. I've always wondered how these pathetic souls sleep at night.As for Michael Douglas...a mensch! Interviewed him a few times years ago and found him to be a very decent guy who has a soul!Keep the stories coming Ken...love them!


hah! good story, great ending. I like this blog, I stumbled across it a few weeks ago, and I've been stopping by daily thereafter.Could you write more on the creative process? I love hearing about how people come up with their respective products. I know, you don't like stabbing the frog...Lastly, do you think there is anything you've done that crossed over into the (snooty) realm of Art - that was not only funny but also had a poignancy to it, or some sort of insight?Richard


Anonymous here - I just asked you to write more on the creative process, and sheesh - I somehow missed "Knowing when to stop." Ah well, more! It was a good one, too.


Ken, another great story! If Zanuck said that about the writer, he got the attitude from Harry Cohn (see the "King Cohn" biography) who asked his secretary to make sure the writer did not step foot on studio grounds again--at least until Harry needed him.

Julie O.

Love how a little moxie + a lotta baytzim = instant karma.

Doug Thompson

Ken,I LOVE that story. It is so typically Hollywood. They spit at you one day then shine your shoes with that spit the next.LOVE IT.


They used to refer to studio writers as a "Stable of writers". I've always assumed that was not a metaphor, but that they really kept them in a stable out back. But then I realized they valued the horses too highly.


Great story. You give good blog. Thanks.

I am not Star Jones

Memory and grudges are a wonderful thing.

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