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October 25, 2006


Malachy Walsh

Nice. Though, it's a little too funny. And then, too, you're missing a reference to any 19th century European literary work. Like Balzac or something.

Frank Abe

Ken, yup, you've captured Sorkin's tone all right. Thanks for another good read.

David Schwartz

Excellent! You certainly captured his style. Great parody/homage/satire/literary exercise/whatever!

David J. Loehr

That's so much more entertaining than the current version of the real thing. I almost want to hear the next lap...

David J. Loehr

Or should I have said pitch perfect?


"Bull Durham" meets "I (Heart) Huckabees." But...in Kansas City? (Nice pic of Kauffman Stadium, though.)

Chicago Joe

Outstanding...a perfect parody...but you already knew that.


That made me incredibly happy.


How come nobody said "Okay." in the excerpt? Somebody is always saying "Okay" with great weight.But that was a great pastiche, Ken. Wanted to do a bit of casting in my mind, ultimate fantasy league.And I think you nailed the title for Sorkin's autobiography: "There's Always A Danny".....

dave williams

LOL!I love this blog.And to prove it, I'll butt out for a couple of days.


Brilliant. You captured Sorkin's style perfectly. The only thing I would add is something to highlight his complete lack of reality in the worlds he writes about, so I would suggest the last line of your opening stage directions read: "It's Game NINE of the World Series".


Hilarious! Thanks for getting my day off to a good start. Of course, it's all downhill from here.

This Girl

spot on!


BrianScully: The script already has a World Series game taking place at Kaufman Stadium in Kansas City (and presumably, the show is taking place in the present day) -- how much more unreality do you need?


Sorkinfreude. Gotta love it.

Banana Martin

dear god Ken, you are BRILLIANT. So far no one has really been able to explain why Studio 60 stinks. But in your one little scene, you did it.Kudos.

Joshua James

Ken, that was smart, funny and a dead-on satire of the show. I loved it. You rock. But regardless, I also still love Studio 60 for many of the same reasons. I know it's not exactly how it works behind the scenes on a TV show. But ER isn't how a real ER works, either. I just enjoy smart, interesting people trying to accomplish something together. It doesn't always have to be about saving the world. I liked SPORTS NIGHT more than WEST WING, though I know I'm in a minority there. I just did. But I liked your post, too.


You'd think there would be ONE umpire...


Just one problem. Too many people know what a baseball field looks like. It would have to be set in the trainer's room to give it an "insider's" feel.

Daniel S.



Kauffman Stadium has 2 F's in it. If Aaron Sorkin can do enough research to give us a history lesson on black listing, he could certainly visit the Royals' website. :-)I'm from KC with a strong connection to the Royals, so even if this is bizarro world, it's still nice to think about them in the World Series.


INT. LOCKER ROOM -- NIGHTDANNY AND HIS PARENTS ARE IN MID ARGUMENT.DANNY - You just don't get it. You never will.DANNY'S DAD - All I want to know is when are you going to make something of yourself.DANNY - This is the World Series, dad. This is the Paris Opera House of the sports world. And what I do here is seen by billions of people.DANNY'S DAD - And meanwhile your older brother is putting his life on the line for his country in Afghanistan! When are you going to get some perspective?COACH LEO ENTERSLEO - Listen, uh...I can come back.

Christopher Harmon

Just brilliant. And they make two more laps around the field and then the game is called on account of malaise.

Mike Barer

Speaking of Kaufman stadium, Major League baseball is reducing Revenue sharing--we may wind up with the New York Royals and the Los Angeles Brewers.

Steve Bittenbender

Ken,You're missing a Gilbert and Sullivan reference.Please revise and republish.Thanks! ;)

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