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October 25, 2006


Bad Becks

This would probably be more realistic if Charlie Sheen got to play "Danny" with perhaps Dennis Miller or Bob Golic to play the manager.


Agree with the need for a momentous "Okay" and a couple knowingly resigned "Yeah"s but what we CANNOT live without is the quintessential Sorkinese "repeated line" -- he's playing for space and needs a filler - one character stares momentarily and then the "huh?" when everyone heard the line - but now it is said again and then we have used up 20 more seconds of filler. and then usually a knowingly resigned "yeah". There is usuallly one in every episode of WW, and sometimes it could be a drinking game.


Surprisingly enough (I was sure surprised) Two and a Half Men is actually very funny. It's well written and Sheen and Cryer play well off each other.


Laughed all the way through. But if you're in a baseball stadium, what're you gonna use to break a window?


Laughed all the way through. But if you're in a baseball stadium, what're you gonna use to break a window?


Ken-How long did it take you to write this? Dead on.Andrew


Mustang Bobby suggested casting John Mahoney for leo...BRILLIANT! My husband sent this to me at work and I couldn't stop laughing! Especially when I got down to MBFH's hilarious added scene with Danny's parents! OMG!We loved 60 up until THAT episode! THE WORST!!!! We thought, up until then, that it was smart and funny - if a little preachy and sanctimonious. This our first tast of Sorkin, but we knew what we were getting into. However, we fell for Bradley Whitford HARD! He needs WAY more screen time! And if it isn't cancelled, can we please have some more Christine Lahti?! Levine, we loved Almost Perfect - while it lasted and before the retooling. Nancy was adorable and deserved her own show and a fair shake in Hollywood!


Captured perfectly. Personally, however, I'm not convinced the reason Studio 60 is doing badly is because of Sorkin's writing style. It's elitist and contrived, sure, but West Wing didn't lack for viewers (and I admit I found it amusing, if completely unrealistic).The reason Studio 60 sucks is that the show it is about sucks. Could anyone watch an episode of Studio 60 and honestly say they would want to watch the comedy show these characters are producing? The snippets they show are like a parody of the bad years at SNL. I have yet to see a single sketch that looked likely to generate a laugh.My advice to Sorkin would be to stick to writing the off stage dialogue, and hire some comedy central or mad tv writers to handle the on-stage action.


This is a complete rip-off of the post on my Blog entitled "If Ken Levine wrote a show called 'Almost Perfect'"... except mine was not hypothetical, but rather unfortunately true.


OK, as probably the only die-hard Royals fan suffering around on the face of the earth, I must ask why you chose Kauffman Stadium (even though it will forever remain Royals Stadium to me) for the scene. Only Aaron Sorkin could further piss on Royals fans, and you nailed his style perfectly. I actually liked the pilot episode of Studio 60, declaring it the best pilot episode of any series since The Sopranos pilot, and the show simply went downhill in the worst way ever since. I'll never trust Sorkin again, not even for one pilot.


I think one of Sorkin's problems is that from the very beginning he plans for longevity. He knows that eventually something exciting will happen on his show that the viewers will enjoy (reminiscent of the pilot,) but by the time we get to that point in the season, nbc will have already passed on more episodes. And the second season of Sports Night made me too exhausted to suffer that struggle again.


(sighs) OK...I'm not sure that's weighty enough, but give a rookie a break.(pause) Anyway...SN is still my favorite.


Loved the parody ("homage," if you must) and have enjoyed Sorkin ever since the late lament SN. (The guy from "Six Feet Under" -- terrific; you gotta work him into this parody...)Little tidbit about Sorkin's arcane errors: there's a weekly mag called "Federal Executive," read by a lot of senior military and civilian officials. For a year or more, it had a feature called WW Watch, with readers' reports of incorrect WW Federalia (my word -- may need to copyright it). One regarded a Navy officer who inevitably had his "lid" (hat) on or off at the wrong moments (e.g., on indoors, off outside...)Again, a spot-on great parody!


My name is Z.I thought that this was just like how Aaron would do it.I'd really like to see the second lap... or maybe "What if Aaron Sorkin wrote a ice hockey drama."


Ha...this is really hilarious. You are pretty awesome.


I can picture Judd Hirsh announcing "Sorry, this game is over. No one wins. Go home NOW!"


I understand how you all think this is dead on. I get that his work is sometimes a little precious and picks up on common themes. But he doesn't just write to have words in a certain rhythm, there is an idealism to it that this piece lacks. It's about conveying an idea not giving a history lesson.


Ken--this is brilliant, and I say that as a Sorkin fan (and anonymous, lay off, will ya? It's a *loving* parody. Parody is a form of flattery.) I was going to suggest that you write for TV until I say your actual bio… apparently you already took my advice, well before I was born. You must be psychic.Still, if you're not working on one, you should write a Studio 60 spec script, except make it funny. (I tried to like 60, I really did, but it's just not funny enough. It works as a behind-the-scenes *drama* about a show… but I don't think that's the intent.)


Almost perfect. Sorkin characters are more annoying. It needs more answering of questions with questions.

hostile 17

laughing silently in our corporate offices, listening to my boss ream her boss on the telephone (how screwed am I that I'll be out of a job before I ever get decent coverage). Maybe Ken/Aaron can give us something about a wannabe script writer who works crap jobs to support his... oh, bloody hell, suppose there's always the next Whedon parody.


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