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October 25, 2006



Who is Adam Sorkin?

David Dyte

I'd like to see the episode when Danny made the bigs and was given a ball, with the quote, "This baseball was given to my great great grandfather by a Brooklyn journalist named Henry Chadwick."

your toxic and homophobic daughter...

Starring Kevin Costner as the washed up baseball player...


You have some sort of Aaron Sorkin issues going there, Ken. He's a talented story teller who may or may not have success with his latest effort. At least he's offering an intelligent alternative to the dreck being touted as entertainment on television today. If only for the fact that Aaron Sorkin asks the viewer to pay attention and think, I think you should get off his back.


Wait.. you mean Aaron is doing a series on baseball. What channel is it on?! My guess is ABC, right? They're putting it on after Grey's Anatomy to keep the women. Is this from the pilot? I didn't see any mention of it in Variety. Did the Reporter scoop Variety?.....


This makes me glad I don't watch Aaron Sorkin shows.


Great stuff .... makes me wanna go home and crack open my SportsNight DVDs again .... (sigh) .... SportsNight ... the best show nobody watched ...

Dan Fiorella

>Malachy Walsh said... >Nice...you're missing a reference>to any 19th century European>literary work. Like Balzac or something.That would be the title, "Base on Balzac."


You must have Sorkin's style down because half these people think this is a tribute to Sorkin and the other half think you are ripping on him.BTW - One of them, Danny or Leo, needs to turn the conversation in a new direction or sum up by using the word "anyway."

Patrick Walsh

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Patrick Walsh

Great stuff as always. I particularly hated this week's "Studio 60." Blech. It made me feel like I was being bullied.If you guys like this sort of thing, I've got a "Grey's Anatomy" mini-spec/spoof up over at my site today: www.patrickwalsh.blog-city.com

John Foley

You wrote Volunteers? I loved that flick!Money is money, don't you know...Anyway, this was some brilliant satire. I don't mind saying.


The sad thing? I bet Aaron Sorkin already thinks of "Studio 60" as some brave kind of self-parody.


I think Sorkin just loves the sound of his own voice.Good writing should be invisible, just like good acting, cinematography, special effects, camera movement, etc.By the way, great Sorkinesque writing. First time I've read your Blog.


At 12:12 PM, Patrick Walsh said...Great stuff as always. I particularly hated this week's "Studio 60." Blech. It made me feel like I was being bullied. [emphasis added]Are you kidding me? You know that button on your television set marked "on/off"? Give it a try sometime.Why would you watch a show you claim to dislike repeatedly?Why are you all [and I'm includng Levine and Rogers so obsessed with Sorkin? You sound like a clique of teenage girls. Change the channel. Get a life. But please, Stop Hating. It makes you look petty.

Mustang Bobby

Casting: John Mahoney and Dylan Bruno? Nah...

jim treacher

Not enough "yeah's."


Great work Ken. I'm a huge baseball (Orioles) and Sorkin fan, so I've always thought about this as a natural fit. But, how about a Sorkin "dramedy" about a Major League front office? I've always thought that this would be perfect. I can just see the GM, assistant GM and owner walking down the office hallway (of the warehouse)bantering. Your thoughts?

John Eje Thelin

"At least he's offering an intelligent alternative to the dreck being touted as entertainment on television today."You've bought into Sorkin's faux tale of TV:s modern-day lack of quality. It's just not true. While network lineups may be cluttered with game shows and "reality" shows because they are cheap to make, the truth is that there is probably more quality television being made than ever before, if you look at the whole picture. As for Sorkin writing a baseball show, he would have to get a whole lot more wrong than just "game nine of the World Series" in order to match his litany of mistakes, bad calls and failure sof tone and substance in trying to capture the process of creating humor and the outcome thereof.He would pretty much have to show a soccer game and call it baseball; that's how off-base his view of a sketch show and of network TV is.


Came here from somewhere else and I have to say, massively funny, right on target and captured exactly why I gave up on Studio 60 after one episode.I loved "Sports Nights" but part of it was the characters knew they were being faintly ridiculous. That's all long gone and the air of smug self satisfaction is a complete turn off. And to the person who thinks there's only dreck on the air - watch "Battlestar Galatica" for a show that isn't afraid to ask hard, uncomfortable questions about religion, war, terrorism and a host of other issues.


LOL! That was great--Very Sorkin (which, coming from me, is actually a compliment)


Wow this is awesome. I know it's a spoof but this show would probably be doing better than S60.

Not Cliff Geertz

Catty. The green-eyed monster unsheaths the claws. Rahr.But, you're right. Must watch more two-and-a-half men.


so dead on. It's a crime that his crap gets greenlit with no problem but good shows like Scrubs have to fight just to get on the air (or great shows like Action get axed).


This show is getting hammered, I don't get it. Yes, it preachy and elitist blah blah blah, but give me this over Two And a Half Men any day. (I never actually saw 2 1/2, just assume it's bad) Is Studio 60 really the worst thing to ever air? I liked Sports Night too, guess I'm a wanker. 60 wont be around much longer to torture you guys.

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