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November 27, 2006



Wow - I wouldn't have been inclined to see this movie, but may do so now. And if Eddie can really sing, he needs to shoot everybody who could have (and should have) put a stop to "Party all the Time"

R.A. Porter

I thought Eddie vs Stevie on SNL should have cemented the place of his voice in history. That man can sing.


The producer of this film came to my class at USC just before shooting was about to start. He had started in New York theater many years ago and this was clearly his dream project. Nice to hear it turned out so well.

Some Guy

Wow, first Oprah and now you, (and frankly I'm more inclined to believe you) I may have to go see Dreamgirls.I don't generally seek out musicals, but I really enjoyed Chicago so I'm willing to risk seeing another one.I think Ken Russell almost single handedly killed the genre with Tommy . Has there ever been a more poorly executed musical? (Well excluding Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band? (Another gem from the era of is Head ; a mostly unwatchable acid trip featuring The Monkees and written by Jack Nicholson and Bob Rafelson.

Emily Blake

I've often said Eddie was just a man ahead of his time. There were so many naysayers, but the truth is, my girl DOES want to party all the time. It's like he was reading my mind with that melodious tune. It's about time people accepted his genius.


I've often said Eddie was just a man ahead of his time. There were so many naysayers, but the truth is, my girl DOES want to party all the time.Of course after his little incident in West Hollywood there is some question as to which girls he was referring to.


I have to admit, I thought The Producers was brilliant!

Dan Coyle

I always thought Murphy was a good singer; it's just his choice of material was questionable. REALLY questionable.


I can't wait to see this movie! The trailer is great, and the movie sounds even better. I think it's going to be a big hit.

Health Insurance

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Ken Levine

Had to delete some comments that were basically spam directing you to health insurance sites. They added very little to the conversation.


So where am I supposed to go for advice about health insurance?Thanks a lot, Ken.


I saw Dreamgirls on Broadway and loved it, but I am predisposed to the musical genre. Even occasional theatre-goers will like it if they've done a good job of it. I will definitely be going to see it ... the music is fantastic.


I can't wait to see this movie if only to see Eddie, Jennifer and Thug #1...btw is there a Thug #2?


Marvin Gaye was definitely a better singer before his dad shot himn. That's for sure.


I can't imagine being surprised by Eddie Murphy. On SNL he always had some great singing moments as well as the ability to flip a genius switch and turn out classic performances when he was in the mood.

I am not Star Jones

I can't wait until the Oscar noms are announced.Eddie and Jennifer Hudson yes; Beyonce was good but she's definitely not the standout in the movie.

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i feel happy for jenn hudson, she is a really good singer and also actress!


DreamGirls.... another commercial release that filled the pockets of many people...

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