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November 26, 2006



Hey - it took me 2 hours in a bar about 15 years ago to learn how to spell the official fish of Maui - the reef trigger fish, or humuhumunukunukuapuaa . . . I first went to Maui in 1977 and have always stayed on the west side at Napili Bay. General rule? Avoid Wailea . . .


Does Fran Drescher have an unattractive body? I hadn't realized.


Congratulations on your Blog Anniversary - a little late. Your blog is a very pleasant daily habit.

Tallulah Morehead

Sorry darling, but there are two schools of thought on men wearing Speedos. I'm all for it. I like to check out the merchandise before I buy, and a beach full of men in Speedos is like window-shopping for me. As for Fran Drescher, let's be frank (Better yet, you be Frank, and I'll be Ava), her worst feature is her voice. I don't care if women who look like her wear bikinis. These days my own bikini line is longer than the Great Wall of China, and I get these funny marks on the underside of my breasts from kicking them as I walk, but wearing my zebra-striped bikini still gets me admiring looks from men as they flee in sudden attacks of shyness. However, women who sound like Fran should be gagged.Cheers darling.


I hope this doesn't freak anyone out, but Fran Dresher wrote in her first autobiography that she and her now ex-husband used to bbq in the nude with Dan Aykroyd and Donna Dixon. Now I don't know what Dresher's ex-husband looked like, but here's the question: Would it be worth it to see Donna Dixon nude if you had to see Dan Aykroyd nude? By the way, Dresher did look great in "Hollywood Knights."

Cap'n Bob Napier

For a chance to see Fran nude I'd even let her talk.


"Hollywood Knights" was over a quarter of a century ago. Age, gravity, and plastic surgeons have all been busy since.I actually did see Dan Aykroyd nude once in person, and he didn't look bad at all, but that was even before "Hollywood Knights". I doubt I'd enjoy the sight now. I was introduced to Fran Drescher's ex-husband once, and he was quite dishy. I remember thinking he was far too attractive for her.But I've never seen anyone of either gender attractive enough to put up with listening to Fran for a nude gander.


Ah the Grand Wailea holds many memories for me. It was sometime in the late 80's when Marjoe Gortner was producing one of his schlocky celebrity events at the hotel. You couldn't walk more than five feet without bumping into a Judy Carne or Tom Selleck 70's kind of personality. The highlight of course was hanging out with babe magnate OJ Simpson…funny, he seemed like such a nice guy at the time...


The Fairmont Kea Lani is also very nice

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