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February 26, 2007


la guy

"J-Lo came dressed as Cleopatra. All that was missing was her asp."I think J-Lo is known to have a big asp.I'm glad Arkin won too. He's in two of my all time favorite films; Catch 22 and The In-Laws (What were Albert Brooks and Michael Douglas thinking?)Nice round-up, I may just dump it from Tivo and get 4 hours of my life back. (2 if I skip the commercials)


Dear God was this telecast dull. Liked: The Rohrshocks, The Ferrell- Jack Black bit, the Gore Bit was cute. the two kids, and thank God for Don LaFontaine. (dramatic mx: "In a world filled with out of control egos and hot air...")Hated: Everything else. Considering she's got stand-up experience, she was worse than Whoopi. Two minutes in and I was begging for Letterman's Oprah/Uma humor.


I think this shows the real problem with Hollywood - the sexiest woman there was Helen Mirren.BTW, shows the audience they were trying to get - out come Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, and instead of the forgettable music from the Spider-Man movie, they play the music from ... the Spider-Man TV cartoon! Spider Man, Spider Man, does whatever a spider can...

Tallulah Morehead

Once again the Best Documentary also snags Best Song. So predictable. Melissa Etheridge listened to Al Gore explain his film, and then came up with the song title "I Need to Wake Up".Ellen Degeneris never goes for the belly laugh, and so never gets them. To use a metaphor up your ally, she's like a baseball player who only bunts.My own Oscar review can be seen at my blog darlings. Can one ever read too many Oscar reviews?


If you haven't heard of Ennio Morricone in your life, that's something you need to check out... I guess it's just a joke, because he is like the greatest musician ever, where have you been? Watching "Two and a half men" repositions? There's something outside situation comedy, my friend.


You say some stupid shit but I still enjoy the blog.Thanks to Rupert Fucking Murdoch the Oscars were not televised live in Ireland. It's usually live on the BBC, but not this year. Rupert bought the rights and so the shitbag wanted us to PPV it. Kiss my ass Murdoch you bastard. I wish Richard Branson would just have that guy assinated.


Or assassinated even. Either or.


If Celine Dion had ever appeared on American Idol, Simon would have said, "Well, your voice is o.k. dear, but WTF are all those faces you're making?"Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce sang her right of the frickin' stage.


Poor Peter O'Toole. What has this guy got to do win an oscar? They better plan on his "Honorary" oscar for next year. He can not possible live forever waiting for the academy.


It would seem impossible to take some of the biggest stars in the world and some of the best, most exciting movies of the year and put it all together into a 4 hour borefest, but ABC managed to do it... again. Special attention should be paid to two of the the writers Ellen chose for her uninspired, unfunny monolog... Bruce Vilanch and Carrie Fisher... why waste writer budget money on two ALLEGED writers who only pitch "on the nose" crap, take ALL the credit, and let other writers do ALL the work. I am so sick and tired of hearing about Vilanch and Fisher. I've worked with both and they are hacks with a penchant for self-promotion. That said, it is no surprise that Ellen chose them. It was a very P.C. thing to do. I can only imagine how hard it made it for the REAL working comedy writers on the show, like Carol Leifer.


I with you until this paragraph:The show could have easily come in under three hours if they only cut every montage in half, dumped the Will Ferrell comedy bit (the woman who won for costume design was funnier), lost the special effects chorus (what the hell was that??), jettisoned the Chris Connelly backstage statistic nonsense (no one cares what kind of night BABEL was having), and limited the tribute to that composer no one ever heard of to only one hour.The comedy dance number with Jack Black and John C Reilly was hysterical. Easily the funniest moment of the Oscars. And if you haven't heard of the single greatest film composer of all time, then why do you watch the Oscar's anyway? Ellen had some great bits, but getting Speilburg to take her picture was the best moment of the night.


Anonymous #2, didn't Peter O Toole already get his honourary oscar?Oh and Ken, I saw the PWC guys on TV here in the UK. Only for a second though.

Greg L.

Ken,I was right there with you, till you dissed the musical stylings of Ferrell/Black/Reilly; easily the funniest part of the show. (Gore's interrupted announcement was top notch as well.)Ferrell flubbing his T-nights co-star's name, "Helen Merrin's coming home with me", and Scorsese finally gets Best Director.I mean, c'mon, what's not to love? I agree with you re: Sunshine. Sweet, sweet revenge on the panners.


It sounds to me you were just being snarky to be funny. It didn't work. The oscars weren't the best ever but at least there were funny moments.Ellen was funny.The Jack Black, Wil Ferrell, and John C Reilly was great.


Better than last year's fiasco. So happy Debbie Allen didn't do the choreography...loved the "dancers"...alloted just the right amount of time...thought Ellen was rather boring...fashions better than last year...I'm a big Versace fan, ditto Armani...loved Kate Winslett in Little Children - thought Jennifer Hudson can sing okay, but can't hold a candle to Beyonce...and who was the guy in that song? Pitchy...as Randy Jackson might say. Wish the Academy could discern the difference between great acting and good singing...but I'm not a big musical fan...all in all better than last year, but still just okay...

Great Big Radio Guy

More-fun-than-the-show-itself recap as always, Ken.Overall, a wonderful night until we all woke up to the news that the Supreme Court gave the Best Documentary Oscar to George Bush.(ducking)


Why was Jerry Seinfeld there?


It's shocking you are mocking about the Oscar to Ennio Morricone. Well, actually my american roommates did not know who he is. Appalling.


It's shocking you are mocking about the Oscar to Ennio Morricone. Well, actually my american roommates did not know who he is. Appalling.


"Composer no one ever heard of"?????Ennio Morricone??????I daresay you've heard his music a bit more than his name.Jennifer Hudson's acceptance was such a beautiful finger with a 1-inch sharp fingernail in the eye to Simon the Pommie Ponce. Eat your heart out, you talentless asshole.I thought Nancy Meyer's tribute to writers was the best writing that talentless bimbo has ever done.


Helen Mirren was the sexiest woman there because not only is she beautiful, but has intelligence, class and wit, something bred out of American movie stars for some reason. A tag team of her and Judi Dench could take over the world (and have, in the past few years).The Oscars were worth watching for the ease and graciousness she showed in accepting that award.

Mike Barer

Forest Whitaker, Helen Mirren, and Jennifer Hudson all had classy speeches. Jerry Seinfeld would have been a better host. TriviaWhat did Bob Hope say Oscar Night was called in his household?


The whole shebang was dull except for Al Gore, Jerry Seinfeld (LOL), and the Rohrshocks... Where's Billy Crystal when you really need him? Even the stage setting was dull. Forest, Helen, and Alan - good on ya! Deserving actors all...


That would be "Passover."

MaryAn Batchellor

Amen to all of it -- except the tribute to the composer nobody has ever heard of of. It was Ennio Morricone. That makes ME and Clint. Presently, I'm having all my screenplays translated into Italian.

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