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May 27, 2007



So you're sdaynig they might be willing to keep "CSI: Jericho"?


"sdaynig"???Sorry. It's the radiation.

Ann Wesley Hardin

Ken, I LOVED Almost Perfect. In fact, it's probably the last show I loved and weeped for before giving birth and therefore had to forego TV for a decade. No wait, that was Northern Exposure. But still...Please, please bring back the intelligent shows. My God. I'd prostitute myself. Even more than Ken has.Can you hear me now?


I always liked that Lisa Edelstein. I'm sure she'd give up that little show she's on with that "McCaney" guy to come back to AP, if you just ask nicely.

Brent McKee

I was an Almost Perfect ... right up to the time when Kevin Kilner left. I've never been a huge Nancy Travis fan (stopped watching Becker before she replaced Terri Farrell but she was reason enough not to go back) but I liked the relationship between the two characters. I don't know why the change was made but it took me away from the show.

Rory L. Aronsky

dhppy's got it right. You just have to do it the Hollywood way:"Pretty please with a shitload of cash on top?" ;)


The first year of Almost Perfect was great. I'll never forget Kevin Kilner drying his hands on the cat. Its time is gone now, but I would definitely buy a DVD of the series.


Is is too late for Arrested Development? After all the Emmy's and Golden Globes, I can't believe that show was canceled...


I think Arrested Development lasted a long time, considering how bad the ratings were. They had over 50 episodes and all of them aired, so they got a proper ending to the series.


I've been seeing Nancy Travis in promos for a new sitcom, so the "Almost Perfect" ship might have sailed. What I don't understand is what she's doing playing second fiddle to some (I presume) stand-up comic I've never heard of. She looks fantastic in the promos (she must have spent the last ten years sealed in a jar of mayonaise). So why isn't it called "The Nancy Travis Show?" Sheesh...


but I guess that if a network is not really behind a show, and doesn't advertise it properly, then it is doomed to fail, regardless.... case point... I have never even heard of Almost Perfect...


Ahh, screw arrested and perfect, I liked "Freaks and Geeks" And if you have been paying attention, those actors are in a new moovy. TV basically sux, and this stupid website keeps promoting idol and other mainstream "reality" crap. I like good writers and good acting--give me more o that or screw off.


Absolutely - bring back "Almost Perfect," but there has to be some new casting: New Darin, new Lionel, new wacky landlord, Valerie Harper & Delta Burke must go, and add a cute little kid.Let's call it, "Almost Perfect, Now!"


I will buy the series on DVD as soon as it is available.I still have some of the episodes. My wife and I watch the one where Kim goes to Mikes appartment and sleeps on his water bed, over and over again and laugh every time.Give me just the ones with Kevin and I'll be happy.


I have some episodes of Almost Perfect from when it was on USA. Is there a web site where I can go to trade episodes?

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