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May 29, 2007


Roger Christie

"volcanic emissions from a volcano on the big island (I forget its name. It had an “l”, a “k” and sixteen “a’s”, five in a row)"aloha Ken, the volcano is Kiluaea and the current vent spitting out the hot stuff and ash is Pu`u O`o. I live a few miles from the vent and run a small ad network over her on the Big Island. If you're ver over here, I can be your guide out to the laval flow in case you're interested and haven't been. ;)aloha,-Brenthttp://www.bigislandfun.com/activities/lava-viewing.htmhttp://bigislandads.com

Rory L. Aronsky

Once again, another travelogue by you hits the imagination in just the right place, enough to be transported there, charmed by Hawaii, and then leaving without crying for your wallet back. I may go one day, but this was fine for now.


Your logic for going to Hawaii is the same reason I'm headed to New York next week -- the little urchins don't get out of school until the end of June, so they're still inside while the weather outside is warm, but not yet in clothing-soaking mode. (And people fly to resorts in Hawaii to read Jenny McCarthy books? Can't they just do that while on the treadmill down at Curves?)

Michael Zand

Last time we were in Hawaii we stayed at the Grand Wailea, (where, by the way, you SHOULD use their precious pools when you're not a guest just on principal -- whose gonna know?)my wife turned to me after our usual $60 a head buffet breakfast and said, "Wow, hundred is the new twenty." BTW, you're so right about Kathrine McPhee and her perpetual smile. It's either a holdover from her beauty pagent days, or a nervous tic. Never seen anyone sing "I Who Have Nothing" while holding a rictus.

Emily Blake

Is Yvonne Elliman the chick who played Mary Magdalene in the original cast recording of Jesus Christ, Superstar? Because if it is I love her voice. I've never heard "I Don't Know How to Love Him" sound better.

Mel Themhoneemann

Reading your notes and the "comments" on your Hawaiian Vacation blog reinforces my belief that cynical mainlanders, (and that's what you and your readers are, Levine) can't see paradise beyond the recognition of LA's familiar commercial icons.If you left your lounge chair long enough to take a swim in the most wonderful water on earth or stopped at a local snack bar to have some "saimin" and talk story with a local, maybe you would have had a better time. and please lay off Don Ho! He was so much more then "a lounge singer".

Mr. Hollywood

Just back from Maui myself Ken ... always stay at lovely condos adjacent to the big hotels ... the Grand Wailea and Kea Lani look like they belong in Vegas rather then paradise.By the way, did you notice all the new condos going up across from the Grand Wailea? We should enjoy lovely Wailea while we can. Because, as the song says, "they're paving paradise and putting up parking lots!"

Eric Weinstein

Ahhhh, Temple Emanu-El (Shaloha)...at the kiddush luncheon after the Saturday "traditional" service, they serve Gefilte fish with poi!


The soft island breeze brings you strange melodiesAnd they tell of exotic mysteries under the tropical spell of Hawaiian Eye.Where love and adventure await this is your fateAnd you can not stray from you can’t run away from Hawaiian Eye.

Ken Levine

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I promised my wife New York first but Hawaii is certainly a place I'd love to go to. What is the best time of the year?

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