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May 27, 2007



It seems like a very Zucker move. Let the guy roll out the fall schedule to get the ad buys and then fire him. The fact that it got out that Reilly heard from the internet is not gonna bode well. Makes the network look horrible, not just to the press but also to the stockholders and the advertisers.http://www.mediaobsessed.com


Admittedly, he was presiding over a network that was falling apart, but still... damn. He renewed Friday Night Lights and 30 Rock, which made him a hero in my book.


Ken -- do you think this means "30 Rock" is in trouble? I know it was renewed, but if kevin reilly was protecting it, does it go back on the bubble again? and what do you know about this new guy? doesn't he just buy foreign shows and produce the american versions of them?


For NBC's sake, I sure hope this Silverman does better than the last one.


Peter Liquore HAS to be next... if there is a bigger, incompetent, arrogant exec in TV, I have yet to meet him... and I've met them all. He makes Reilly look like a genius.Oh, and as for Zucker... the man has achieved NOTHING and yet continues to succeed. God, I love American business. THIS is why I own no entertainment stocks.


zucker, the most inept programmer ever, got kicked upstairs while reilly had to deal will the mess z. left behind. The "Peter Principle theory" is in full effect

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