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May 25, 2007



I've been coming here from the beginning. Happy anniversary! I love the script excerpts. From your work, from Arthur, from anything you've got. Keep 'em coming.

Rory L. Aronsky

Ok, cut out the GODDAMN...delays in between blog entries. I tell you, it's a genuinely suspenseful wait to see what you're delivering next from your brain. ;)Seriously though, keep doing as you're doing. That's the reason I visit your blog every day.


Hello Ken. My name is Arne and I am from Norway. I can't quite remeber how I stumbled across yout blog but no matter, I read it it everyday and enjoy all of it. So keep up the good work, Ken. It's very appreciated.

Olli Sulopuisto

Mr Kevine, you've been a source of information as well as inspiration. I'm a Finnish freelance journalist / screewriter-in-the-making, and constantly amazed by the sheer amount of your wit. Not to mention the quality. As a card-carrying member of the Old Continent, some stuff like the baseball stories go flying over my head, but please don't stop writing them. For blogging is like sex with yourself – it's free, supposed to feel good and no holds barred. (Did I just write that aloud?)


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Hi Ken, I can't recall how I found your blog but I'm mighty glad I did.I tune in every day, all the way from Australia.I agree with the previous comments, keep up the good work!

Dan Kelley

Ken-I've been a reader for a long time now and have enjoyed each and every post; especially love the behind the scenes war stories.The Idol stuff...maybe not so much...LOL.Have a great weekend.


Congratulations! Just keep it the way it is: superb.Greetings from Spain.


Hi Ken,I'm from the UK and I barely understand anything you write because, being British, I don't 'get' most of the references you make. Regardless, the quality of your writing comes through, and I still find it enjoyable... which is probably a bit crazy but hey :-)Lorenzo


Hi Ken, I found you through John August I think. I read you everyday here in Ireland and you never fail to disappoint with your great humour. Here's to the next 600.

Richard Welty

I started reading when another blogger (Walcott, I think) linked to your entries on the casting of Cheers.


I've been reading for a few months. I think I found you through Mo Ryan, The Watcher. So glad I did because you're quite entertaining :) I especially enjoy reading the behind the scenes posts. {most recently, "Wings"} Congrats on your 600 post!


Hey, Ken. Like Missy, I'm from Australia and read your blog everyday. Keep it up. :)


Dear Kenball,I found your blog through a series of coincidences involving three old socks, a monkey, and a russian whore.It was the happiest day of my life.Since then, I've had happier - but I continue to visit your blog on a daily basis.Regards,- Crash


I love the travelogues, and I love the insider stuff. I don't give a rat's ass about American Idol. (And I love Volunteers, especially the time-is-money riff.)


My father introduced me to your blog.


"Canadian Idol" premieres June 5th. You could really drive people crazy with that one.


hi ken, i am from singapore and i just love reading your blog, especiallyyour stories about yoru times in cheers and mash. have you ever thought of writing a book about your sitcom writing experience? a how-to book? i just read ellen sandler's book on tv writing. interesting and insightful. i am sure many fans would look forward to yur book.


I look forward to reading your blog the way I used to look forward to reading a favorite newspaper column. Occasionally you stray onto subjects that don't do much for me (I'm not a huge sports fan) but that's okay - it's a pleasure to laugh out loud while reading (a rarity these days). Of course, being from Los Angeles, I don't always understand your cultural references...

Tom Quigley

Ken,Congratulations on your 600th! (and no rumors about you taking performance-enhancing drugs up to this point)....BTW, any interesting stories about your colonoscopy?....

The Home Office

My girlfriend out me onto your blog about a month ago. I've been a fan since you did Orioles games with Jon Miller, when the only reason to turn on the radio was to listen to you guys.Let's not be too disrespectful toward colonoscopies as comedic material. I recently posted about mine and it was a big hit. Probably because my "friends" liked the idea of me in that position.


Athens, Georgia here. I believe it was a Wolcott link to a Lance Mannion link to a Ken Levine link. Love the Cheers and Frasier stories and the Dancin' Homer excerpt made me smile. I have never watched an episode of American Idol, but I am hopelessly addicted to Lost. You are a must read everyday.Thanks.

Mary Stella

Your blog is one of my favorite stops in the blogosphere. I discovered you thanks to my friend, Beth Ciotta. (Lucky woman is on your blog roll) I write romantic comedy novels so your tales of sitcom writing are as instructive as they are hilarious and I love it when you show more by posting excerpts from scripts. There isn't really anything you talk about that I don't enjoy since I'm also a baseball fan and an AI re-capper. Please recap America's Got Talent when it starts up again. January's too long to wait for recaps.Thanks, Ken. Happy 600th!


I'm in far away, exotic Sacramento. Love the blog but can't seem to remember how I got to it. Don't worry. There's lots of other stuff I can't remember. Anyway, keep it up! Don't change a thing. What's that word verification thing? Trying to keep the drunks and dislexics out?

Willy B. Good

I don't know how I got here but I'm sure glad I did so thanks for all the laughs Ken and hope there are many more to come and you never have to resort to doing crap colonoscopy gags.600 cheers from New ZealandWilly

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