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June 23, 2007



oh,and, I loved the use of What if God was One of Us? on Joan of Arcadia!


didn't the Wings theme (classical music) result in tune out that caused NBC to push for cold opens -- and thus no need for a theme songs -- then everyone followed that example?

Soupy Sales

On a related topic, what about shows where the cast sings the theme song? Like "Grand" (I think that's the name.) Don't think it worked.

pat reeder

To sharonerosen, re: McKeever & The Colonel. I remember watching that one as a kid. I must've been about five. There is an article here in which one of the stars talks about the series and how surprised he is that so many people remember it: http://www.tvparty.com/recmckeever.htmlHe mentions that there was a comic book. I actually had that book, and I seem to remember that the plot had something to do with a Kool-Aid like drink. There is way too much junk stuck in my brain.


I think the reason the opening credits for 24 go on for so long is utterly ludicrous number of Executive Producers on the show. Wonder how many of them actually do anything. And isn't the whole point of an Executive Producer supposed to mean that they can trump the regular Producers?


I can still sing Super Chicken, remember that one?


the Banana Splits theme song.it's really old and for the 'children' but you'll be hard pressed to find a purer pop song for your theme.you can't be sad listening to the Banana Splits theme song.La, la, lalalalala,


"Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp"!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4B1KVDNrLw-Kurt


I love the theme to Malcolm. I love them all. Even when I watch old shows on DVD - The West Wing, Homicide, Six Feet Under, MASH, etc. etc. - I never skip the theme. I don't think LA Law has been mentioned. I love the car trunk slamming down to start it. One of my new faves is 30 Rock. I love the twinkly retro sound of it.


Mary Stella said...The theme song for Mr. Ed isn't anybody's favorite? What's up with that? *G*A horse is a horse of course of course and noone can talk to a horse, of course, that is, of course unless the horse is the famous Mr. Ed.Hey Mary Stella, here is the rest of Mr. Ed(can't somebody PLEASE wipe my harddrive???)Go right to the source and ask the horseHe'll give you the answer that you endorseHe's always on a steady courseTalk to Mr. Ed(bridge!)He'll go yakkity-yak a streak and waste your time of dayBut Mr. Ed will never speak unless he has something to dayA horse is a horse of course of courseAnd this one will talk 'til his voice is hoarseYou never heard of a talking horse?Well, listen to this:("Ed's voice") I am Mr. ED!


(bridge) something to say, not "day" oops

Mike McCann

How iconic can a TV theme become? How about THE ADDAMS FAMILY, whose original Vic Mizzy recording is now the soundtrack of a cleverly animated M&M's candy commercial. I doubt beyond THE SIMPSONS and LAW AND ORDER, too many of today's themes will attain -- and hold onto -- that status down the line.


The TV themes section of www.soundamerica.com is a good place to start to really dig through a ton of audio files from both old and newer TV shows, some of which I hadn't heard since their original runs.The interesting thing is in the case of a number of short-lived 60s or 70s shows, you many not be able to remember the full story line of a single episode, but you still remember the show, because you remember the theme song. How much people today will remember all the current shows that have no musical hook to lock into the public's collective brain we'll see in about a decade or two.


A old western that I haven't seen mentioned yet, "Who is the tall, dark stranger there? Maverick is the name."There are a couple of modern FX shows that I like, "The Shield" and "Rescue Me".


What some programmers overlook, IMHO, is that they can use a good theme song to hook people into watching the show in the first place. Invest a minute or so to see if I want to watch the entire hour? Such a bargain! That's even more important now that we don't have to walk over and manually flip through the channels! I love theme songs! A lot of folks have commented on a lot of the classics, so I won't repeat those. The two I love most right now are both cable shows: Wildfire (on ABC Family) and The 4400 (which kind of has 2 themes: the recap, which is followed by the opening scene, then the signature song). Both sing-able, both dance-able.

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