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June 26, 2007



Good news for guys, terrible news for women. From Cary Grant to THAT... I was about to launch into a few digs on Rogen's person, but the side by side photographs Ken posted render that unnecessary.There are two parts to the romantic comedy. And while Rogen may have a handle on the comedy, he doesn't have this woman convinced about the "romantic". Grant was HOT. Sexy as hell. He could charm you without opening his mouth once--although what fun would that be?...Rogen has to play the one that the girl settles for and finds out maybe is not so bad after all. That can't be the point of every movie he's in. And if it is, how often can that be good film? How soon before people realize what a depressing idea that is and decide to watch something blowing up instead?And unlike Ken, I spent my whole time in "Knocked Up" wishing for more focus on the Paul Rudd-Leslie Mann relationship. Partly because it was by far the more believable pairing, better scripted, based on issues which Apatow has some first hand knowledge. The other reason was that Rudd is just a more charasmatic onscreen presence than Rogen. I was always happy to see him. He's hot. He's not Cary Grant, but he'll do in a pinch.--SD

la guy

Cary Grant was one of the best, His Girl Friday is one of my all time favorite comedies.Although everyone you named has done some great work, I think Mike Myers is in a special class because he alone actually created two cultural icons and brought them to life.I'm sure this is heresy to some people, but to me his work in the Austin Powers films where he is very convincingly playing multiple characters, frequently in the same scene, is just as good as anything Peter Sellers did.Oh behave...


George Clooney was being groomed in the Cary Grant style, and got the closest in a way, he even ages well like Grant did. He didn't do badly with comedy and of course, the action genre, and is even a director as well as Oscar winner. Is he Grant - of course not, those days are over. But he did introduce a recollection of male Hollywood stars who were more than just stupid.


Funny, I might just be in love with Seth Rogen. Anyone remember Freaks and Geeks?


One guy who belongs on the list is Tom Hanks. He was a great comedic actor when he first started out in stuff like Splash & Big (and who could forget Bachelor Party?)Too bad he seems to have given it up to play Mr. Serious all the time.


Also, with Will Smith you get the feeling that the charming nice guy isn't an act, and that is really how he is. He seems (much like Clooney) to be the type of guy you could just hang out with and do whatever.Tom Hanks dosn't have that, nore does Robin Williams, they are both always 'on' and you can't get away from that.


How refreshing it is for a working, unfamous standup to see that Robin Williams' shameless thievery--upon which he's built his entire career--is finally being recognized outside the Standup fraternity. All the clubs he's been blackballed from.All the less-than-famous comics he's ripped off. They'll all come back to him if there's any justice.I won't hold my breath.I do love this blog a little more, though.-Dean from Seattle

Paul Duca

This may have relevance...a famous quote said about Cary Grant:"He was a man when we were boys...now that we are men, he is a boy"


It's sad that modern Cary Grants are so few and far between: I can only think of George Clooney and maybe Clive Owen. Instead, the new leading men are the Will Ferrells, Seth Rogens, and these type of men: http://www.bside.com/films/outdoorsmenWhere have all the class acts gone?


Bill Murray's characters are similar to Seth Rogen in that they were slackers, and they didn't really care that they were.


jvous conseille d'aller la, c'est vraiment pas sympa !!!


Well, you'll notice that the explanation for Seth being the leading man in "Knocked Up" is that a lot of alcohol was involved in getting him the hot chick. Works in a comedy up to a point to allow opposites to attract -- if I remember right, that's how Hawkeye and Margaret shacked up in that Season 6 two-parter on M*A*S*H -- but as mentioned earlier in the thread, if you go to the well too often with that plot device will produce diminishing returns at the box office. When it comes to slacker/goofy guys and hot chicks, the ending of "The Last American Virgin" from 25 years ago is way closer to the truth.


Will Smith is artificial, that is an important difference to Cary Grant. Smith mugs constantly, smiles like a politician, and has a hard time resisting being an entertainer from Philly days. When he "acts", outside of "Ali" that is, it always has that feeling he is aware he is acting, it isn't convincing. And really, Grant was suave and debonair, even his accent wasn't easy to place: Smith? please.... TV level at best. Had you said DENZEL, now there I may have listened, but his comedy side isn't up to speed.


This is really a strong post, Ken.I don't agree with you on the pro-Rogen leading man for all front. Not that I have anything against him, but I do like my RomCom leading men to be hot.Still a funny post, though. And very insightful. I never thought about how the latest trend is the dork who thinks he's cool, but it's true. If this trend is indeed coming to an end, then I think it's young mister LeBeouf who needs to get his ass to a club.


The last guy that made me laugh until tears rolled and my stomach cramped was Christopher Walken in Pulp Fiction.So what if he has that cold distant look of a psychotic killer, I love the guy - he makes me laugh.HOB


No one wants to be a Seth Rogen on film--we all wanted to be a Cary Grant. Man, those were the days.

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