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September 27, 2007


l.a. guy

I watched out of curiosity since I was a big fan of the original bionic power couple and was curious how they would update it.I didn't have a problem with the casting and obviously the effects have come a long way since the original.The two things that really struck me were, damn there are a lot of commercials on network television these days. Sometimes it felt like they had cut out chunks of the story to make it fit.Worse was falling into the cliche stilted dialogue near the end. The "We're going to do this on my terms... I know what I'm capable of now... You send people after me and I'll kill them all.." I don't recall her getting a bullet proof noggin in the surgery. Seems like a well placed bullet would do the trick. And how did she become an expert after a day or two of running around? I thought the drama with her sister seemed forced.Maybe they feel like they had to pack a bunch of plot into the pilot to quickly engage the audience, but I think they could have slowed down a bit and done a lot more with her coming to grips with her new abilities. It will be interesting to see the ratings.Incidentally I watched Life, the show on after The Bionic Woman, and was actually impressed. I like the premise and the leads, Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi were good in their roles. All sure signs that it will get canceled after 3 weeks. You should check it out.


Dear Mr. Levine,Your acerbic cynicism is highly appreciated.Love,Elver

Don Montrey

Regrettably I couldn't get through the first commercial break. The writing was so bad ("That's not a real breakfast." "Well, you're not a real Mom!" Ugh.), I had to turn away. It's a shame, David Eick is a smart, creative guy. This could have been great. Maybe it has some tricks up its sleeve...

Michael Zand

Agree with all the criticisms about the show but, seriously Ken, you need a serious dick check if you don't think Michelle Ryan is hot. As I recall you loved her in Jekyll. Was it her British accent that did it for you? Yes, Katee Sackoff is hot but that just makes me want to go for the bionic sandwich.


I will cut them some slack because it's the pilot, and not all pilots are great. I love getting to the action quickly, but cramming a 2 hour pilot into a 1 hour format doesn't do anyone any favors.


how the hell could a "struggling single mother" working as a bartender in san francisco afford that faaaaaabulous two-bedroom apartment that looked like it had received a makeover from nate berkus? and if she has a genius IQ, why is she tending bar? and wasn't that really somber for a show that should have some comic book-like zip to it? LIFE afterwards was a much better show.


David Eick on updating the "feminist metaphor" of the original show:"It's not about cashing in on the history of the title," Eick said at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills, Calif., on July 17. "I think what's interesting about the old show is that that came about at a time when there was a great deal of discussion in the popular culture about equal rights for women. And the [Equal Rights Amendment] movement was very much alive, equal pay for equal work, women's lib. ... And the statement was very simple: See, women can do what men do. And I don't think we're talking about that anymore. ... There are a lot of different discussions being had now. It's not so much 'Can a woman do what a man can do?' It's 'If the answer's yes, what does that mean? How do we feel about it?'" "In this show, our character, our heroine, is faced with a choice about whether to embrace the thing that she's become that makes her super, that makes her other than human—makes her unique—or embrace the things that make her a human being, that make her a family girl, that make her a big sister," Eick said. "And it seemed like those allegories were very prevalent and very rich and resonant right now, like those allegories were in the old show. And so that's really the reason for the attempted remake and the title. It just felt timely." Are "fun" and "resonance" mutually exclusive these days?


After the success of "Battlestar Galactica", plot features like humour, joy and fun are deemed unnecessary to TV entertainment.


After the success of "Battlestar Galactica", plot features like humour, joy and fun are deemed unnecessary to TV entertainment.


I'm a woman, and haven't seen this much sucking since *insert joke here*.This show is a cross between Smallville and Dark Angel.*Sigh*The dialogue was cliche and wooden, and a few more things struck my little girl brain as reeling:Re: the fembot that got shot a few minutes in: if she were bionic, couldn't she have avoided a bullet to the cabesa?Re: the pregnancy, what was with the sex later on? Besides the physical (shudder), I'm thinking she'd be a bit more upset that her baby died? Maybe that's just me.Why is it that everyone who gets superpowers is conflicted? After getting my after-market parts,I'd take 'em for a test drive and have fun with 'em. Then I'd ask, "Who do I gotta kill to keep this s---?"I'm gonna give it two more episodes, and hopefully it will get darker and more interesting.Stercus Accidit


I happen to have an original Steve Austin action figure and it has this clever little hole in the back of his head that you can peer through to see out of his magnified eye. This is how I watched the scene where Jaime Sommers checks out her bionic nakedness in the full lenght mirror. Lucky for me it takes only one hand to hold Steve Austin.


Absolutely correct about Michelle Ryan and Katie Sackoff. So here's the way to fix the show. Jaime Sommers (no relation to Buffy) dies while defeating evil bionic girl. Evil bionic girl is taken to lab where her evilness is erased and turned into a hero. In order to have her function in society, she is given Jaime's name and identity. So as battlestar ends, Katie Sackoff becomes the new more interesting Jaime Sommers. Don't laugh. It works. I've done this kind of thing a thousand times when writing comics.-Marvw


So in thirty years Michelle Ryan will be on late-night TV doing a mattress commercial as part of a twelve-step program?(shudder)


Rushed is damn right. She goes to killing machine very quickly and the guy who gets shot disappears in the ambulance and the heroine doesn't care. What were they thinking? Buffy started slower and had some place to go emotionally over several seasons. Lindsay Wagner was conflicted about her enhancements, just like when Pam Andeson went for the temporary breast reduction. The new BW has no place to go after ending the show with "I know what I'm capable of now." where will she go for the 5,000 mile tune-up and oil change?I hate it when actors are forced to say and do dumb things to force the script into some semblance of functionality. You can see all the seams here and yes, KS was the only good thing about the show. I shall not return.


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