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November 22, 2007



My wife and I always thought the theme was sung by Les Nesman. I'll start the fight now, I thought Bailey was hotter than Jennifer.Joe


Did anyone who was not an actor reading lines off a WKRP script like Jennifer better than Bailey?

flem snopes

No argument from me, Joe.

Paul Duca

Ken, you also ought to share the full length version of the CHEERS theme, featuring the lyric "And your husband wants to be...a girl"


I can't voich for the reliability of these folks, but here it goes: EntertainmentNews - Music, movie, EntertainmentBROLIN'S EX RECOVERING AFTER FREAK TRAFFIC ACCIDENTBarbra Streisand - © ddp2007-11-09 03:09:02 -The ex-wife of BARBRA STREISAND's husband JAMES BROLIN is recovering in hospital after a bizarre traffic accident.Actress Jan Smithers, a star of beloved U.S. TV sitcom WKRP In Cincinnati, was driving naked when she stopped for help after her car broke down on a remote California highway in the middle of the night.She was hit by a truck after the driver caught sight of the 58-year-old waving him down too late.She has been recovering from her injuries ever since the September (07) accident, but family members fear her health issues might be more than a few broken bones.A family friend tells U.S. tabloid the National Enquirer she fears Smithers suffered a mental breakdown following the death of her father.The pal says, "Everyone thinks Jan felt abandoned and snapped - a complete meltdown." Ironically, police called to the scene of the accident found nothing wrong with her car and are puzzled as to why the actress stopped for help.Smithers can't remember anything about the accident or why she was driving naked in the middle of the night.She and Brolin wed in 1985 and had one daughter, Molly, together. They divorced in 1995, three years before the actor wed Streisand.


LOVE "Cheers". Anything you can share about it, Ken, would be awesome. JackFM streaming radio sometimes plays the "WKRP" theme, as well as other vintage TV show themes.


The sad thing about WKRP today is, thanks to musical rights issues and the lack of faith Fox has in DVD sales (having acquired home video rights to the MTM shows), if you buy Season 1 of WKRP, you're not going to get anything near what most of the shows sounded like on their original network or even syndication runs, because only a few of the original songs used are still there. The others have been replaced by either alternate tunes or generic music (which at least shows the studios are as cheap to ASCAP and BMI music rights holders as they are to the writers when it comes to non-broadcast royalties).Fortunately, the original words are still there, and the Thanksgiving episode was one of those that wasn't dependent on current music.


New topic for debate. Whom would you rather run into driving naked - Jennifer or Bailey?


A buddy has the ALN channel, which runs MTM shows including WKRP. He says he just saw an episode with the Pink Floyd music left in, so apparently the syndication package may have been left uncut.


Awwww hell, Carol Bruce was hotter than Loni Anderson.


The best thing about WKRP is that the characters were mostly fully formed. From Les's mysterious moving bandage in every episode to Herb's belt matching the shoes, the writers knew who those characters were from the beginning. I think the biggest change was Johnny's insistence to play 50s music rather than the hits that came later on.


Credit where it's due: WKRP theme music: Tom Wells; lyrics: Hugh Wilson. Does anyone remember "The New WKRP in Cincinnati," which I suppose got produced on the strength of the original's syndication success? Don't recall ever seeing it, but I get the impression it's about as fondly remembered as "After MASH."


Michael Des Barres and Tawny Kitaenstarred in the "new" WKRP. Not sure why I know that, but there it is.

Captain Obvious

Thanks for the MP3, Ken!You are a champ!


One of the writers on The New WKRP -- Doug McIntire -- is the morning drive host on L.A. talk station KABC. He was also a writer toward the end of Married with Children.And remember: "Police Academy" jokes might have been low, but the series was a very successful franchise. If I were in the business of taking pitches, my door would always be open to Hugh Wilson.


Same thing happened with Crime Story. I was really looking forward to the DVD release until I discovered that much (probably most) of the music had been replaced by cheap generic stuff. That show owed a lot to the music, supervised at various times by Todd Rundgren and Al Kooper.

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