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January 12, 2008


a. buck short

And yet, when Cusack stormed off in a huff, I noticed he gradually began to lose that limp. Could it be that Cusack is really that health insurance crook, Keyser Permanöente?


Yeah, like after the third "are you sure?" Cusack was just gonna say "yeah, just joshin' -- it was me."

Michael Zand

Off Topic but had to vent. Watched Real Time with Bill Maher last night. He clearly had written most of his monologue and was reading it off a teleprompter. He ended the show with a rant about the strike. Said he loved his writers and missed them but resented the witch hunt and the name calling from the WGA. Went on to say that the leadership of the WGA was misguided and perhaps this was "The wrong strike at the wrong time and that maybe it wasn't winnable" I've always know Bill Maher was an asshole but at least his politics and common sense were sound. How can he be so blind and callous? I think it comes down to pure selfishness and a refusal to see the bigger picture. Jon Stewart is breaking my heart. His show was a refuge -- a place for my outrage against the insanity of the world. But now, every night, I watch with dismay as his written material increases. It feels like such a betrayal. I'll continue to watch but, like a girlfriend you love who cheats on you, it'll never the same again.Oh and BTW. To the posters on the previous days comment section -- The Daily Show is NOT as funny as it was with the writers. Even my 11 year old daughter, unprompted and vaguely aware of the strike, said so.


Man, I needed that laugh.My favorite part was this "reporter" totally missing the quizzical look on his face at the first mention of American Beauty. "Why is that funny?" should have been her first tip-off. That and the fact that John Cusack looks nothing like Kevin Spacey. As for Jon Stewart, I'm not sure about the legalities/strike etiquette, but isn't John Oliver allowed to write for him because of the deportation issue? I know the Oliver segment Thursday night was taped before the strike - he's walking a thin line, but I'm not sure he's fallen off yet.

Mr. Hollywood

Years back I was working on a press junket for OLD GRINGO, which starred Gregory Peck and Jane Fonda. Both were at the junket. An interviewer came in to talk to Peck ... obviously a true Hollywood icon and a very sweet man. Her first question, after giggling, was ... How do you memorize a script? Strange question but Peck, being a gentleman, answered as best he could. She then proceeded to sit there, with a dumb smile on her face and announce "Well, that's all I have." For Gregory Peck. One stupid question. Her producer, from off camera, jumped in and asked the rest of the questions and Peck answered, looking at her. Amazingly stupid girl. By the way, she later went on to marry a very well known interviewer currently on the air. But my lips are sealed.


I'm sure you realize that is a typical interview. This woman probably reviews films too. Will soon be hired by the Hollywood Reporter or the L.A. Times

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