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January 07, 2008



"Stewart looked very uncomfortable last night, but seemed to imply he wanted to do a Letterman type deal but wasn't allowed to by the union."I think it's safe to say all the late night hosts would jump at an interim deal, but unfortunately for them they work for AMPTP stalwarts and the last thing the WGA is going to do is cut those companies some slack.

A. Buck Short

After all that “abuse” yesterday, if the guy returns disgruntled with any suspicious bulges, I’d suggest somebody pat him down real good. Could be wearin’ one o’ them suicide speedos. Now there’s an image. Does he get to lose the tie on casual Friday?


I'm here in spite of AmId reviews. You are amazing and the blog has become a daily show for me. I've been spreading your name around in my circle and hope you just keep going; no matter what you choose to talk about.


The only reasons I ever read your Idol reviews were 1) So I got the Sanjaya jokes elsewhere (me being a Limey) and 2) Because, y'know, you're a damn good writer. You should work up some spec scripts for Hollywood or something.


Sadly, by posting the website address, you did exactly what the speedo guy wanted you to do.Also sadly, ratings for American Gladiator were pretty huge.

Michael Zand

Aw, c'mon, Ken. You can't tantalize us with "Giving a couple hundred disgruntled comedy writers a moron in a speedo is like giving a dog a pork chop" and not give us some samples of what was said. Spill, if you remember. Or better yet, just make up some shit.


Guys, the correct title is "There Will Be Blood," which is also a phrase they should use to promote "American Gladiators."I reluctantly watched last night's installment of AG (missed the 2-hour premiere). Pretty much everything the contestants said sounded scripted, just like all of those so-called reality shows on MTV, such as "Next" and "Parental Control" (you can always tell when a non-actor is delivering a line). The Tennessee guy's dialogue was full of references to hog wrestling and the like, and he attributed his speed to calling up memories of his mama chasing him with a belt.


I thought Colbert zeroed on in the central issue very well: No writers = no words on the TelePrompter. Then he filled some time with film of himself eating grits. Settle this thing!In case you were on the line and missed it, we may have had a Gulf of Tonkin-type incident with the Iranian navy. But by all means, keep us updated about the Speedo guy and American Gladiators.Sorry to post anonymously, but Google is screwing me over again.

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