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January 11, 2008


emily litella

This just in..."The Weinstein Co. expects an interim deal with the Writers Guild of America would be signed by Friday"

A. Buck Short

With apologies to our own Emily Litella,OK, what’s this I hear about NBC canceling this year’s Golden Girls? Just when Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, and Betty White are finally old enough to date this year’s Golden Girls producer Dick Clark, the network pulls the grey carpet out from under them. The real tragedy is that, because the “girls” remain sexually active, they were also looking forward to a little hanky panky with Merv Griffin, owner of the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where this year’s Golden Girls were scheduled to take place.The ostensible reason given for the cancellation of this year’s season was the WGA writer’s strike. To which NBC president and CEO Jeff Zucker responded, “The Golden Girls had writers? I thought they were part of our news division?”Jorge Camara, president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., titular sponsor of the long-running, Emmy-winning series lamented the loss of industry glitz and glamour that the Golden Girls cancellation foreshadowed. Although he was quick to add, “But mostly the glamour, because none of our members have ever been able to figure out exactly what glitz is." Members of the Hollywood Domestic Press Assn. issued a public statement vowing to support the writers’s strike by avoiding employment of the word “swanky” until the GGs are returned to the air. As a counter move, NBC entertainment president Ben Silverman said the network had agonized over the decision to cancel this year’s GG’s, because the telecast was especially known for it’s delightful relative informality and one other adjective that he was unable to think of without writers. In apparent violation of the strike, a GG staffer handed Silverman a slip of paper on which was written the word “spontaneity.” Uh, Emily. Emily. The Golden Girls went off the air years ago. This year, what they’re canceling is an awards show, the Golden Globes.Well, never mind.


Silverman really shouldn't attempt metaphors without a writer handy. Or maybe he actually went to a high school that was ruled by vindictive nerds?Besides, I thought the Oscars were the prom. The Globes are more like a Sadie Hawkins dance.

emily litella

Apology accepted. Now I await my residuals from a. buck short...ah...nevermind...


Did you not hear? There's a prom next Thursday!http://unitedhollywood.blogspot.com/2008/01/ben-silverman-sad-prom-canceled.htmlI'm very excited.-Rachel


You are entitled to bash Jon Stewart, but the fact that his and Colbert's show are still pretty damn funny does not speak well of their respective writing teams.


Dec 7 the AMPTP walked away from the bargaining table and the WGA filed an NLRB complaint for failing to bargain in good faith. It was reported the NLRB had 30 days to determine if the WGA has a valid complaint. It's January 11! Did we file the complaint with FEMA?

sylvia plath

I read in a Comedy Central article that The Daily Show has an independent contract with the WGA (this was set up before the strike). So it is possible he tried to cut a deal with them independently? I hope so.


Let me get this straight. The WGA and supporters can portray this struggle as though it's the logical and moral equivalent of coal miners striking to get better safety equipment, but Jon Stewart's the dick for complaining about how the show he's put his heart and soul into is getting fucked?Mike


To the anonymous who posted at 1:07 p.m. -- let me get this straight: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report were funny before the strike. They're still funny (presumably because they're being written by Stewart and Colbert, who are both WGA). But this somehow "doesn't speak well" of the previous writers? What kind of logic is that? If the show was still funny after the writers were replaced by monkeys or children or AMPTP shills, then you might have a good point.


Why is it OK for the WGA to grant an interim agreement to Letterman, but not to Dick Clark Productions for the Golden Globes, even though they were willing to accept the same terms? Sorry, WGA - your hands are no longer clean.BTW, Ben Silverman is a jackass - always has been.


KyleIm sure dick clark productions isnt the only group in the AMPTP that will benefit from the golden globes... Its free advertising for the enemy... so it might be a double standard, but its worth it to the WGA to hold out...

D. McEwan

"the fact that his and Colbert's show are still pretty damn funny does not speak well of their respective writing teams."No. It speaks well of Stewart's and Colbert's talents. It takes nothing away from the suburb writing his writers gave us for eyars.

Vermonter 17032

Ken,Great post, as usual, but I must take exception to the following comment:"So the NBC fallback plan is for the Golden Globes to be considered a “news story”, not an awards show. Uh, doesn’t that tarnish the news department’s credibility and reputation just a tad?"Apparently you haven't watched much network news lately if you think reporting on the Golden Globes would be a downgrade in their reporting. In fact, it might actually be an improvement in relevant content.

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