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January 10, 2008



David Letterman will always have a Top Ten List.


Sad to say, with respect to the last item, a case could be made that the United States already is no more (other than as postal nomenclature, etc.). We'll see whether we get it back again after 1/20/09. As for what I take for granted: the ability to purchase a real milkshake. Or to be able to obtain anything chocolate at all. (Not to say there wouldn't be a black market...)


A word from the UK here Gasoline is $7.69 a gallon. Behold the future it is Europe.


RIP, Levitz!


Great post, but why the photo of Golda Meir? Is it because of her slight resemblance to Sylvester Stallone?


Tullulah, I have a TV with rabbit ears. Lots of people do. Some of us don't like paying $60/month for hundreds of channels that only show endless reruns. Most cable channels have four or five shows they play on a loop 24 hours a day. I blame MTV, since they started it.Anywho, in this world of internets and what not, you can literally find anything you want, no matter how obscure it is, so I'm not too worried about things being "gone".

Mike Bell

You'll always be able to get to LAX from the Valley in 20 minutes on the 405.Celebrities are just like us.People will always be quiet when the movie begins.People will always dress up to go to Las Vegas.Hard work and obeying the rules will always get you places. Sitcoms will always have theme songs.The rest of the world LOVES America.

D. McEwan

"Great post, but why the photo of Golda Meir? Is it because of her slight resemblance to Sylvester Stallone?"What a TERRRIBLE thing to say about Golda Meir.


I really don't get that list. Is it funny?

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