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January 04, 2008



Ironically the biggest threat to the award shows existence comes not from the lack of access to WGA writers, but from the lack of stars to put in front of the camera. (I'll bet Rich Little's agent is giddy with anticipation.)If SAG members decide to stay away from these events you would think it will seriously cripple the shows appeal to the masses. On the other hand, the Academy Awards not withstanding, award show ratings have been pretty miserable for years now. The average episode of "Dancing With The Stars" would probably kick the ass of most of them, let alone "American Idol", which would destroy everything accept the Academy Awards.The strike may succeed in killing some of the fringe award shows for good. Remember the "Blockbuster Video Awards"? I didn't think so...

Rory L. Aronsky

And then I've got Shakey's an hour after that for a Britney Spears vigil. Sorry NBC. ;)


Question: Are writers actually writing at home during the strike, but just not submitting? If so, there'll be a real backlog of material ready to go after the strike...

A. Buck Short

l.a.guy said... (I'll bet Rich Little's agent is giddy with anticipation.)This has always perplexed me. Has anyone ever heard of anybody being giddy with anything but anticipation? Let’s hope the writers will soon be giddy with compensation. And why can’t I be giddy with Amanda Peet? Wait, I think I am.In fact, I may be giddy on the cusp of jiggy. Stay tuned.More important, where's the afterparty?


Maybe NBC should just air a clip reel from the best of the past Golden Globe Awards. I know that might not be able to fill the minimum allowable 30-minute time slot, but I think America really wants to see if Pia Zadora actually did win an acting award, just so the story doesn't fall into the realm of mythology, like unicorns or major league pitchers regularly throwing complete games.


There will be stars, but only in the "died this year" segment. Maybe they can really stretch that out.

Rory L. Aronsky

Is Queen Latifah going to cross the line to host?Doesn't have to. She taped her segments on a soundstage after the People's Choice Awards decided to tape the "thank yous" from the winners.

Joe P.

Isn't there a chance this could backfire and make the home audience MORE interested in watching, to witness how it will go down. This could actually cause a ratings and box office spike. But it's still great that SAG is willing to skip a party in support of the writers.


The Globes ought to ship in all those Vegas lookalikes as seat-fillers. Could lead to some fun confusion ("I thought Frank Sinatra was dead. And Elvis. And Burt Reynolds.").


I'm likely in the minority here but after watching the premiere of American Gladiators I think American eyeballs have been more focused on the "Crush" of sexy than when The Office returns.The WGA is fractured and these selective side deals don't help the cause as a collective. Conan has put in better shows lately than with a full staff of writers (sorry if this is not a popular belief but it's true from a viewers' standpoint).I apologize to all those that think I should jump into a lake but perhaps, you need to hear from those that aren't within the industry yet have just as much of a voice, namely the viewer.

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